24 May 2016

BIG love for Northport Naturals

I have wanted to write this review since a while now, but as you notice, time flies and since weather is nice, I tend to spend more time outside than in front of my computer. Having said that, I am still keen to make you discover a very nice american green beauty brand that I learnt about only recently myself: Northport Naturals.
I had the opportunity to test 2 of their products. Read until the end, because you may be as happy as me in trying this brand.

Foaming facial cleanser ($12.00 for 120ml)

When I received this product, my first impression was: oh, what a small contenance! I am usually used to bigger flacons when it comes to cleansers. After a short spell of disappointment, I became soon very enthousiastic. Why?...there are various reasons, however the main one is that it leaves my skin super cleansed and really soft! I was not expecting the soft and velvety foam acting so nicely! Really practical with its pump, the cleanser delivers the right amount of product. The principal characteristics of the foaming cleanser is that it is made from plant-based saponified oils such as Coconut, Olive and Jojoba. Thanks to the Rosemary extract, skin is bright and purified. I have been loving using this cleanser morning and evening: perfect to wake-up skin in the morning and absolutely perfect to deep cleanse before going to sleep.The scent is bursting of refreshing citrussy (Lemongrass and Lemon) aroms, which is really uplifting, but nothing overpowering at all.  Well, as an overall, I can't recommend this cleanser enough!

Conposition: organic saponified Coconut oil, organic saponified Olive oil, organic Sunflower oil, organic Aloe vera, Rosemary extract, organic Shea butter, Tea tree essential oil, Lemongrass essential oil, Lemon essential oil, citric acid.

Mineral ocean serum ($34.00 for 120ml)

With its gelified texture, this serum is a little different to the serums I have used so far. Transparent and really quickly absorbed, it is perfect to unify, calm and moisturise the skin. I usually use it every evening and find it perfect for the time being (during Spring/ Summer, I am on the hunt of really light texture which doesn't leave anything, not even a film on my skin). This one melts into the skin and leaves it silky smooth. It particularly helps to boost the skin healing processes since it contains Aloe vera leaf juice and restorative herbs but also to the presence of the ocean mineral complex. Its impressive anti-inflammatory and antispectic properties are due to the addition of organic Tumeric, Witch Hazel and Yarrow.The serum also contains irish Moss, a seaweed used as a natural thickener and acts as a softening component. Another really interesting ingredient is MSM which is a known organic form of sulfur. Naturally found in some plants and food that we eat, it plays a great role in improving the general condition of the skin. Every morning, my skin is unified and glowing and is just really well balanced. In short, I am very happy with the results I get with the mineral serum!

Composition: organic herbal infusion, organic Aloe vera leaf juice, Witch Hazel, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), hydroxyethyl cellulose, carrageenan gum, ocean mineral complex, organic jojobal oil, spiralline, irish Moss, organic Tumeric, wildcraft Yarrow, tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E), sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, ethyl hexyl, glycerin.

Absolutely loving this powerful duo, working really well together and bringing the skin to its best!

Want to have a look at their website/purchase? just click here.

What do you think? do you know this brand?

28 April 2016

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20 April 2016

Be.Loved- a special green beauty brand

If you are a fan of nordic green beauty brand just like me, then today you are going to be happy: I am introducing you to Be.Loved, a stunning green brand originated from Latvia. Kinga, who is one of the lovely co-founders, contacted me to see if I was keen to try some of their line. I browsed their website and got very excited by what they have to offer. I picked the 2 goodies below. Read whether my initial excitement about the line proved to be right.

Aloe vera soothing gel (€15.00 for 30 ml)

The sleek black packaging houses one of my favorite ingredients for many years: Aloe vera.
While living in Los Angeles, I used to cut fresh Aloe vera leaves and pure gel would come out. Obviously the Amsterdam's weather is not suitable for Aloe vera growth, so I am happy to spray my skin with the Be.Loved soothing gel. Aloe Vera is also an amazing medicinal plant that shows an array of phamaceutical properties due to the presence of aminoacids, Vitamin B and sugars. It is healing, hydrating, anti-oxidant and antibacterial.
The Be.Loved gel is actually quite liquid, the fibers and pulp have been removed to just leave a thin and water-like pure Aloe Vera Juice. I love the simplicity of this product. I use it all the time after cleansing ritual. My skin becomes soft like a baby skin. You can use it as a refresher during the day, as a make-up fixer or, as suggested on the Be. Loved website, as an excellent base for dry powder masks.
Along with the Peppermint floral water (see here),  I currently reach for the Aloe vera soothing gel when I want to give an immediate moment of calm to my skin. Totally worth it.

It's a new day facial serum (for €15.00 for 10 ml)

You may say another serum? Well...let me tell you first how this one stands out: the formula is superb, since the botanicals oils selected are some of the most effective ones for troubled skins: Safflower, Grapeseed, Hemp, Tamanu. This powerful cocktail has been boosted with Vitamin C, Vitamin E and an amazing blend of antiseptic and aromatic essential oils such as Rosemary, Peppermint, Lemon Peel or Tangerine. I am a lover of citrussy/refreshing scents, so it almost feels this beauty serum has been tailored to my taste and my skin. Despite the name, I only use it in the evening on cleansed skin that has been previously hydrated with the Aloe vera gel. The serum has a very lovely texture that really melts on the skin. It immediately comforts and soothes the skin while it helps to restore the balance and promote a more unified complexion. A superb creation from Be.Loved!

....A gorgeous skincare line with a beautiful packaging along with some visible results!

Be.Loved offers worldwilde delivery. If you want to browse or purchase anything, you can do it here.

What do you think? would you be tempted by this skincare duo?

12 April 2016

Peppermint/Mint beauty crush

Mint is a plant that I saw growing in my parent's garden during my childhood. The very unique scent combined with powerful bioactives make Mint a very interesting beauty ingredient.
It refreshes, gives some tonic vibes and just helps me to rewind quickly. It is one of my favorite scents!

I am have been in a real minty mood lately. Let me tell you how.

First thing I do in the morning is to jump in the shower and waking up freshly thanks the Organic Surge Citrus Mint shower gel. I am totally loving this bodywash; powerful and invigorating!
I can't wait to order it again (see here), along with their refreshing face wash, but I guess I will wait for a super promotion discount code from Naturissimo.

In the morning and evening, I can't do without my organic Peppermint water that I bought in the Provence (see here). It is one of my favorite plant waters of the bunch I have purchased and it is just fabulous at toning and clarifying the skin in a very subtle manner of course. Since I am not too much of a fan of skincare beauty products that are powerfully scented with essential oils,  I find that hydrosol is a good alternative. Why? One of the advantages of organic waters is that they contain only a very very small pecentage of essential oils. It means that you get the benefits of them without the "negative effects" of being overdosed. So any sensitive skins, get reassured, the risks of irritation are minimised....and the scent remains very subtle.

Another really nice beauty goodie I am using at the moment is the Beauty by Earth lip balm. It is nicely scented with Peppermint and delivers a great hint of cool when you apply it to the lips. On the top of that, it is deeply nourishing and has the amazing rich and onctuous texture that "covers" your lips without disappearing after a few minutes...if you are not familiar with Beauty by Earth, I strongly advice you to read my latest post about this brand that I love.

What do you think? Which scent are you crazy about at the moment?

29 March 2016

Taking care of my skin with Beauty by Earth skincare line

Beauty by Earth is a US beauty company that contacted me a few weeks ago to see if I was interested in discovering some of their products. They offered me to pick two of their products.
You all know my love for the cleansing Konjac sponge (see here), so I obvsiouly picked their Konjac sponge. The second item I choose is their facial sunscreen SPF 20. Protecting my skin against UV rays is really important and despite loving the SPF moisturiser from Mychelle Dermaceuticals (see here), I was tempted to test this one. Read below what I think!

Konjac sponge ($14.00 for 2)
Konjac sponges have a really spectacular effect on my skin. I already mentionned not long ago that I use the Beauty by Earth Konjac sponge in my evening cleansing routine (see here). Soft yet effective, the Konjac sponge helps to cleanse without being too abrasive. And the latter is the key point: cleansing your face without irritating it or overexfoliating is crucial. This Konjac Sponge really helps to balance my skin and restore radiance. Easy to use, I only have to damp in a bit of water and it will drink up until it reaches a very nice round shape. I then massage. I usually used the sponge as a 2nd cleanse, with water only.

Composition: 100% Konjac glucomannan for the white sponge/ 99% Konjac glucomannan.

Facial sunscreen SPF 20* ($19.00 for 60ml)
The first thing I notice is the packaging: the sunscreen is housed in a dark flacon - there is nothing better to protect the delicate ingredients it contains! Unfortunately, the pump that delivers the cream has a little problem and does not work, which is a bit annoying and makes the application not really practical. Aside from this technical issue, I am happy to confess that this white and onctuous cream has been my skin's best friend for many weeks now. In addition to its great sun proctection, the cream has a very calming and antiseptic effect due to the presence of  Zinc oxideIt contains some really nice soothing ingredients such as Aloe veraSunflower oil and glycerin plus a few skin loving extracts such as Cucumber and Gingko Biloba extracts. I find the formula quite clean and I am really impressed by the end result. The general look of my skin seems improved.
Application-wise, the cream requires a few minutes to be properly absorbed so I always wait an additional 2/3 min before applying make-up.
 The only thing I could easily criticize is that the SPF is "only" 20. Although the protection difference between SPF 20 and SPF 30 is only a few percentage (SPF 20 blocks around 93% UVB and SPF 30 blocks 97%), my preference always goes for the higher number. 

Composition: organic Aloe barbadensis (Aloe vera) leaf juice, fractionated coconut oil, sorbitan sesquiolate, vegetable glycerin, glyceryl stearate SE, organic Helianthus anuus (Sunflower) oil, organic Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) seed oil, Ricinus communis (Castor) seed oil, organic Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) leaf extract, magnesium sulphate, ascorbyl glucoside (vitamin C), xanthan gum, organic Argania spinosa kernel (Argan) oil, organic Cucumis sativus (Cucumber) fruit extract, organic Gingko biloba extract, radish root ferment filtrate, essential oil.

As an overall, I am really happy with Beauty by Earth sunscreen. Not cheap and not crazy luxurious either, it is definitely a product I could see myself regularly purchasing. 

Wanting more information, check their website here. Their pure Aloe vera gel is next on my shopping list by the way!
PS: and I forgot to write about their lip balm which is absolutely fantastic for the lips!

What do you think? have your tried Beauty by Earth?

08 March 2016

My french green beauty wishlist

Although winter is still full on, I had already the pleasure to see some yellow and purple crocus already blossoming...which reminded me that spring may not be too far away. On that positive note (at least for me), I want to share today some of the french skincare, bodycare and haircare goodies that I am eager to test very soon! Take little notes if you are a french beauty lover!


Odaites - Pure Aloe vera wonder makeup remover (€26.00 for 150ml) promises to gently lift away all make-up and daily grime and to leave your skin soft as a baby skin. Mediterranean scent, ultra moisturising fomula: I can't wait to put my hands on this one.

Indemme - Unexpected lotion (€21.95 for 50ml) is a powerful cocktail of botanical oils and 7 spicy essential oils that will help to fight blemishes/imprefections. Perfect for troubled skins or during ocassional breakouts. Super handy SOS potion!

Beauty Garden - Pumpkin facial mask (€19.50 for 50ml) is one of those masks that act as a quick cocooning fix for the skin. Packed with Pumpkin juice, the texture looks so yummy! I can't wait to try it.


Bomoi - Concentrated soap past (€22.00 for 150g) is probably the most original product of the selection. Designed to clean hand, body and hair, this product is enriched with Avocado, green Mate and basilicum. I am unclear of what the texture looks like, nevertheless I am all up to discover it.

Huygens - Summery dreams bath oil (€42.90 for 100ml) is a beautiful oil "made in Paris" which transforms into a silky milk in the bath. It stimulates tonicity and relaxation while delicately perfumed the skin with a fresh Bergamot scent. I need this one!


Lamazuna - Solid shampoo (€12.50) is a higly raved green and vegan solid shampoo. Funky, design, practical and no waste. It is worth a good 2 bottles of shampoo and is supposed to leave your hair super clean. All what I dream of!

Bio by biot - Detoxifying hair mask (€38.00) is formulated for all types of hair and aims to stimulate and oxygenate the scalp thanks to a couple of exotic plant oils. The super Mint scent brings freshness. Well, if you are not tempted...I am!

I hope you enjoyed my little selection. Anything you would be tempted to have?

23 February 2016

My evening cleansing routine

Today, I will talk about my evening make-up removal ritual, a really special moment that brings me a clean skin, but also a moment of serenity; it is always nice to unwind after a long and busy day!

Step 1- First cleansing  
In winter, I like to use creamy cleansers. It feels more nurturious for my skin and I have to admit that the onctuous texture is something that always appeals to me. Remember the gorgeous Aurelia micracle cleanser (review here) with its dreamy texture...
Well, these last few weeks, I have been using the Pumpkin cleanser (€16.00 for 130 ml) from Mychelle Dermaceuticals. It is less luxurious than the Miracle cleanser and is more suited for daily use. It is designed for dry skin types and it comes as a rich peach color cream that really massages well onto the skin. It is really gentle for the skin. It feels almost like a moisturising cream, except that you rinse it. Not too greasy, not too liquid. I really like the consistency! Formula-wise, it contains hydrating glycerin and honey, while a really subtle blend of spicy essential oils (Clove, Cinammon, Nutmeg) brings some interesting healing properties and a delicious scent. My skin is left super soft and cleansed!
Bare in mind that Mychelle Dermaceuticals have recently redesigned the whole line and it seems that the composition of this cleanser has been modified slightly.

I then follow up with either the Madara micellar water* or with the Beauty by Earth Konjac sponge*.

Step 2- 2nd cleansing
I use the Madara micellar water* (€14.50 for 100ml) which is absolutely a love at first sight! My skins adores it. I don't generally use micellar water at all, but this one is a true blessing. Perhaps because it is not like a "standard" micellar water. Packed with ultra-moisturising Aloe Vera gel, Acid Hyaluronic, Sodium PCA, Rose flower water, it perfectly finishes to remove any make-up traces and gives my skin a really natural glow. I am really loving it and plan to buy another one soon before I run out. No need to rinse with this one.

Additional Step - If I want to increase the natural radiance of my skin, I then reach out for the Beauty by Earth Konjac Sponge* ($14.00 for 2) and use it after the cleanser and before the micellar water. If you are not really familiar with Konjac sponge, you can read about it more here. I am currently using the white sponge 2/3 times a week. It perfectly completes the cleansing ritual by removing the last bits of make-up/dead cells and is really great to stimulate blood circulation. It leaves my skin so smooth... and well receptive to the micellar water.

This evening cleansing routine works really nicely for me at the moment.

Get the Mychelle Pumpkin cleanser on Naturisimo.
Get the Madara micellar water here.
Get the Beauty by Earth Konjac sponges here.

What do you think? what is your evening cleansing routine? any thoughts?

15 February 2016

Some little Organic Surge beauty treats

While living in England a few years back, there was always a english green beauty brand that I was really keen to have and it was Organic Surge.
Family owned business, I have seen Organic Surge evolving very beautifully, expanding their skincare and bodycare range, changing their design into something more elegant and fresh. And I think they have done a fantastic job!

For all of my readers who love green beauty but have a tight budget, Organic Surge is an awesome brand to start with. I have already tried a few of their products and always been happy with them.

I recently made an order at one of my favorite places to shop, Naturisimo, and wanted to share with you what I bought:
I have picked the Moisture boost hair product range since my hair always needs that "extra", especially during cold days. 
The scents of the bodywashes sound so exotic and these shower body cleansers seem to provide all what I am looking for: a bit of dream, freshness, and cocooning under a quick morning shower or end-of the day shower! But yes, I used "seem" because until I try them, I can't be sure of the performance.

Stay tuned for a more detailed feedback. I will post some little updates via my Instagram.

Want to browse through the entire line? You can do it here.

Have you ever used Organic Surge bath/hair products? What is your favorite budget go-to bodycare brand?