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31 August 2011

My natural vision

Hello. This is my new blog. Welcome everyone!

I am a french (young!) mummy living in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I have a strong scientific background in biochemistry and I love experimenting and exploring. I am really fascinated about beauty and especially the one inspired by true Mother Nature. I wish the very best for myself, my family and my skin (;-), as you would do I hope!

In this blog I will keep you updated about the latest news about natural (meaning organic for me) products and trends in this fabulous and vibrant industry! So exciting.

I will review some of my favorite products, so looking forward to do that.

I will you also give you tips and advices on how to make homemade key skincare products such as scrubs, masks, creams and much more...Sometimes, this can be a very nice, cheap alternative and fun way to discover the beauty world. Make your own !

And on a more general basis, I will also write a lot about star ingredients (top for your skin) and badies (not that top) currently found in many skincare products nowdays.

I hope you stay in touch and feel free to ask me any questions,

A bientot,



  1. Hello! Your blog is very nice! It sounds so fascinating the relation between your job and what you like (natural cosmetics). Keep on being green :) Best, Dasha

  2. Thank you very much Dasha! Perhaps working in science could explain my quest for "greener" skincare/cosmetics and lifestyle in general :-)

  3. Oh,GREAT!!Absolutely nice to know you!:) I've been converting my cosmetic products into greener(and sure,safer)since the beginning of this year.Though i start blogging on 2009 with non safe cosmetics as you can see on my blog.Later I found out that there're a lot of harmfull chemicals in our cosmetics,and here in Indonesia,even in most popular toothpaste too!!..
    Ok,no blablabla as you dislike it;) But am glad to know you(and to follow you).Greetings from Indonesia!:)

  4. @lovely Cosme, welcome to my blog and thank you for your sweet comments. Yes, really agree with you that we need to aim for "better" skincare products and beautie products in general. Greeting from London !

  5. Hi Mademoiselle Nature, newbie to your blog and loving reading through your old posts. Good to read organic beauty from a biochemical point of view also. Look forward to reading your future posts :)

  6. Thank you very much ! will try to do my best to keep it interesting and simple at the same time.
    Have a great day.


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