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02 September 2011

What's on the market?

Very interesting question!

The beauty market is dominated by the big brands such as Nivea, L’Oreal, Garnier, Boots etc... It is a very competitive market and very difficult to penetrate. However, there is still a very interesting range of smaller brands, some of which target niche markets. One of those niche markets is the organic and natural market (which is growing growing growing....).

Although we do find an interesting variety of natural products, the market is still in development. New products are being launched on a regular basis and the good news is that more and more people start prefering natural (chemical-free) over synthetic products.

I personally have a strong preference for organic products. They are better for me and have wonderful effects on my skin, bien-etre and mood. Since I started using those products, I have never used non-organic ever again.

But how do we know what is truly natural or organic?

There are a few organisations in Europe and USA that control the origin and quality of organic products. They provide certifications which brands can use to claim that their products are truly organic. The main certification bodies include Soil Association in the UK, Ecocert in France and Europe, BDIH in Germany, and USDA in the USA. These bodies ensure that sourcing and product manufacturing are done in regards to strict guidelines and in respect to the environnment. Of course, differences exist between the certifications bodies and each have their respective rules.

Although being certified guarantees a certain standard and ethic, I would like to highlight that there are also small organic brands on the natural market that do not have this certificate and still have great ethic and values. One possible reason could be cost (especially for small business) because having products certified incurs reasonable costs.

- A few great examples of certified brands are Neil’s Yard Remedies, Melvita, Dr Hauschka, Weleda,  Pai skincare, Les Douces Angevines, Bio Beaute from Nuxe and much more...

- A few great examples of not certified brands include Suti, Akamuti, Beyond Organic, Ren Skincare, Juice Beauty...

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