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24 October 2011

My skin mist: Caudalie Eau de Raisin

Product description: Eau de Raisin (Grape water)
Certified: no
Presentation: spray
Texture: liquid
Price: £11.50 for 200ml

My opinion

Moisturising face skin regularly is essential to maintain water's level and ensure a smooth and plumped skin.

Caudalie Eau de Raisin is essentially extracted from organic Merlot and Muscat grapes during harvest from vignards localised in South of France. When gently spray into face, the ultra-fine and numerous water dropplets uniformely cover the skin and are being absorbed so fast bringing freshness, hydration and and care. The fresh sensation on the skin is just awesome, without any "heavy" or "sticky" impression at all. The smell is very subtle, almost not perceptible so perfect if you are looking for something quite neutral.

Use it in the morning or evening on a cleansed face to boost skin moisturisation levels or anytime during the day to freshen up, Caudalie grape infused spritz is really handy and effective. Sensitive and red face patches are soothed immediately.

I particularly like that Caudalie Eau de raisin can multi-task: precised and uplifting moisturising mist, make-up seal, cooler. Alcohol-free, all skin types can adopt it, even the most delicate ones.

So if you are dreaming of instantaneous soft and smooth skin, here is the answer!

If your skin really suffers from dehydration and is sensitive, perhaps Caudalie eau de raisin will not be sufficient as a lasting hydration treatment but your skin can really benefit from it if you use in complementary to your quenching day or night cream/serum.

Caudalie grape water exists under a 100 ml version and a smaller version (50 ml) as well which makes it ideal to carry anywhere with you at work, or when travelling or at home.

Maintaining your skin hydration levels all day long !

Overall rating: 8/10

Enjoy buying Caudalie Eau de raisin at or online retailers.

Product composition: Vitis vinifera (grape) fruit water*, Vitis vinifera (grape) juice*, nitrogen.
*vegetal origin

This fine mist is preservative-free and is a natural cocktail of:

Grape water: aromatic distilled water carefully obtained during distillation process, enriched in aromatic components, moisturising polysaccharides and mineral salts which have great hydrating and soothing benefits.

Grape juice: extracted from the fruits themselves, grape juice provides the right nutrients, minerals such as potassium, vitamines A and C and antioxidants to restore skin's natural balance and hydration. Also rich in anti-ageing Resveratrol, skin rejuvenating molecule.

Nitrogen: naturally safe and ozone friendly, used to propel Caudalie eau de raisin.
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