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14 November 2011

Hands: 5 tips to make them beautiful and younger-looking

Autumn weather has gently taken over and it is important to take extra care of your sensitive hand skin, before your hands become feeling tight and uncomfortable.

Hands are vulnerable and fragile and we sometimes tend to neglect them due to busy life and indeed lack of time. External factors (wind, rain, washing up detergent, sun, water, temperature changes) can really be quite aggressive and lead to dehydration and dryness.

In addition, the skin on the top of the hand is quite thin and dark spots easily tend to appear with age if hands are not cared for properly.

Lemon is very beneficial for hands and nails

So what are the 5 key tips to get beautiful hands?

Treating and pampering hands is so easy and can be done on a everyday basis: who doesn't dream of beautiful and smooth lovely hands with clean cut nails?

So, here are small yet super effective tricks that can make your hands pretty and healthy:

1- Choose a very gentle and moisturising SLS-free handwash that will leave hands soft and clean but still respect their natural balance. After washing, dry hands thoroughly as any humidity left will favor dehydration.

Dr Bronner, Ecosoapia and Green People propose a mid-price range naturally scented handwashes very suitable for delicate hands.

2- Apply a natural moisturising hand cream as often as necessary during the day to protect and isolate hand skin from cold, water or any drying factors and/or use overnight too. It is important to massage well from wrists to fingers, insisting especially on fingers and nails base as massaging really facilitates the absorption of the cream and enhances its benefits.

Weleda, Neal's Yard Remedies, Melvita or Laboratoire Phyt's offers excellent soothing creams rich in natural and repairing plant nutrients. For a cheaper option, Skin Blossom and Organic Surge may be a great choice too!

3- Once a week, plunge your hands in a fabulous bath oil enriched with a bit of lemon juice. This beauty treatment is a must for dry and tired hands, and will give a shiny boost to nails too. Olive oil is great and easy to use but almond oil can do good too.

4- Massage your hands with a homemade blend of olive oil enriched with brown sugar, honey and a dash of lemon juice. It will not only improve blood circulation but will really leave skin soft and moisturised. Great to do as a small luxurious home treatment with some nice relaxing music in the background. Very recommended if you suffer from cold hands.

5- Protect your hands by wearing a pair of gloves. Whether the weather is cold or whether you are doing some cleaning, washing up or gardening, gloves acts as very usefull barrier against cold, harsh detergents or irritants.

On the top of that, increase your daily intake of tasty fruits and veggies super rich in Vitamin A, B, and E, nail and skin-friendly vitamins: carrot, grape, avocado, fish, seeds, berries or green leafy veggies and many more...

Easy steps to follow for superb hands and strong nails!
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