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11 December 2011

Prepare your hair for the festive season

We are approaching the Sparkling Christmas season very fast! With all the family and friends parties booked ahead, we want to look beautiful and be the glowing star of the day.

Hair is the symbol of glamour, seduction and feminity. However, it can become quite tired and bad looking after all year round being overwashed, brushed, or moulded in gels or waxes. They do not look as great as we would wish!

So what can you do to give that kick back to your hair and restore a healthy growth and shine?

With little time remaining for the parties, but also for the longer term, here are some tips about:

...what you can do to boost your hair appearance now

1- Pamper your hair with a luxurious natural argan hair oil. Leave it for 1h or overnight, if you can, and then shampoo. Extra-nourishing treat guaranteed!

2- Hair also loves a cocooning treat such as a natural deep conditionner or mask after shampoo. Rinse-out one are best and leave hair soft, shiny and easily manageable.

3- Lemon juice gives that skiny glossy look to hair. Add in the last rinse after shampoo.

...what can do to make your hear look great for the longer term

1- Know your hair type and make sure to choose the right shampoo, i.e. extra-gentle, caring and free of harsh surfactants. Bare in mind that foam and fragrance does not indicate whether a shampoo is good.
2- Massaging your hair scalp increases blood circulation and help hair oxygenation.
R e l a x ... and ... R e l a x. Stress is number one enemy of hair growth.
4- Avoid overheating/brushing hair as this increases hair breakage and damages your hair.
5- Drink lots of water and herbal infusions to keep hydration body levels up and improve your hair softness and lushness.

6- Enhance your hair health by eating well and getting the right nutrients (Vitamin A, E , F, biotin, iron, silica). Eggs, fish, nuts, soya, apricots, leek, spinach contain plenty!
7- Olive & castor oil repair and soothe dry ends. Banana & avocado mask is wonderfully nutritif too.

...and your hair will be looking fantastic!

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