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08 January 2012

Top 5 beauty & detox veggies and fruits

black raddish fresh from the market

Christmas and New Year party season is often synonym for abundance, pleasure, great time with friends and family and also a lot of food and drinks....

Back to reality now. Do you feel a bit heavy? more tired than usual? do you lack of peps and energy? skin lacking radiance?

Do not worry! get your body (and mind!) back on track by privileging those top 5 beauty and detox veggies and fruits. They are excellent to promote natural cleansing of the organism and revive skin.

1- Artichoke
This originally shaped veggie is a great choice for detoxifying the body. Fantastic digestion helper, its leaves are rich in cynarin, a compound that acts as a body cleanser and a liver booster. Diuretic, healthy, this is a must for post parties food regime! My favorite way to eat it is in salad with a hint of mustard and sunflower oil.

2-Black radish
This root vegetable has plenty of medicinal properties. Rich in minerals and Vitamin C, it helps to fight cold and flu. But black radish presents fabulous antiseptic, diuretic and promote the eliminations of stagnant toxins. Add a few slices to your salad and give that little kick to your digestive system.

3- Pineapple
Refreshing, sweet yet slighty acid, low calorie and packed with Vitamin C and minerals, this exotic fruit is excellent for promoting good digestion. It is partly due to the presence of an enzyme called bromelaine which helps to break down proteins and heal any upset stomachs.

4- Lemon
Popular and inexpensive citrus fruit, lemon is a Vitamin C and minerals hidden tresor! its ability to cleanse and purify the body is widely known. So, use lemon infusion to relieve and soothe any upset stomach and to restore glow to your skin!

5-Green Tea
Extracted from unfermented leaves, green tea is rich in anti-oxidants polyphenols such as catechins and has a plethora of wonderful properties: diuretic, stimulant, hydrating. Enjoy a cup of steaming tea and inhale its herbal aroma for a wonderful relaxing and detox experience.

Discover of re-discover the true benefits of these fabulous fruits and veggies for a January beauty detox! Have a go!


  1. I loved this :D and I just bought some artichoke today :D time to get my healthy and beauty on!

  2. Will definitely try this, need them after the festive season!

  3. Merci les filles! Always feel nice to restore the body's functions in a natural and effective way.

  4. I love pineaple.Deffy will try this:) Btw,i thought detox means that detox program like fasting or abstaining from anything but fruits and veggies(and water) for a week to get toxin out of our body.It's on a food combining(kind of diet program,but it's actually only changing our food behaviour).Have you ever tried that?

  5. @Lovely Cosme, thanks for your comment! Detox is a "big" world, and I do not tend to associate it with diet and all sorts of regime. I actually believe in a balanced and healthy diet: lipids+proteins+glucids and lots of water! your body needs all 4!. Life is pleasure ;-). The fruits and veggies I have mentionned are really great helper to clean out toxins from the body, they are also nice and tasty!

    1. Yes,I totally agree with you!I'm a biggest fan of fruits and veggies.Btw,you seem so popular arround green beauty blogger.We tag you alot,even me:D

      Feel free to do the post,coz as you can see,we all love you!:D

  6. Hii, completely off the subject but I have tagged you. I hope you will join in :)

    1. Hello ZaraAlyce, nice ! will try to do it as soon as I can .

  7. Hey! Thank you for following my blog! I am following you now of course too :) ... Lovely blog, it looks like we have similar interests!

    Greets from Dublin!

    1. Your are welcome Marina ! it was great to discover your blog, very interesting too !
      Cheers from London!

  8. Love your stuff!!! So I've TAGGED you!!!

    1. Thank you ! a new post is due soon! apologies for being late.

      Oh lala, I have been tagged 3 times. :-)

      Have a great day !


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