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22 June 2012

Garnier organic eye make-up remover

I love make-up. I am a real Madame :-).
I also love a good face cleanser and a good eye make-up remover. It is very important for me to daily clean face/eyes to ensure a superb skin in a long run.

I am always on the hunt for excellent eye make-up removers. I tend to like a non-oily one (I do no like greasy feeling around the eyes at all). I also prefer having a distinct product for the eyes rather than using the one to cleanse my face.

So today, I will be talking about an eye make up remover I have been using for a little while.

Product description: Garnier BioActive Moisturising Eye make-up remover
Certified: Yes (Ecocert)
For: Sensitive eyes
Presentation: bottle
Texture: water-like
Price: 4.50€ for 150ml

My opinion

Eye areas are one of the most fragile part of the face and really need care and  softness. Garnier eye make-up remover uses  two gentle botanical Bioactives, aloe vera and glycerin, in its composition to soothe, calm, and moisturise the eye area.
The cleanser do not have any particular smell, so great choice if you are an allergy sufferer or if you are just a bit reluctant to "fragranced" products.

The product do not contain any parabens and is preserved by benzoate acid, benzoic alcohol, and potassium sorbate (mild agents, though it may depend on the respective concentration).

If you are looking for a budget and natural eye make-up remover, this one will do.

Easy to use, I usually apply on a cotton pad a few drops of Garnier product and leave it for a few seconds on the eye lids.

The cleansing is good but the efficiency is not 100%: I need to massage a few times with the cotton pad to remove any eye-liners or dark shadows....which is quite a let-down for me.
Another critic would be that the real amount of organic ingredients is actually quite low unfortunately despite being certified.

Overall rating: 5.5

Product composition: Water, glycerin, Aloe barbadensis juice powder, arginine, benzoic acid, benzoic alcohol,  caprylyl/capryl glucoside, Crithmum maritimum extract, potassium sorbate, xanthan gum.

The composition is quite minimal which is good and best for sensitives eyes.

This eye make-up remover is actually part of the natural face range launched by Garnier in various european countries such as France or Belgium. I am still quite unsure about the aim of such a big company to develop its natural beauty range. Is it to just entering the "organic" world and grab a bit of market or is it a genuine interest in the field?

Have you tried it? what do you think? what do you use for your eyes?



  1. Wow..can't believe that it IS garnier!! In my opinion,I think they just trying the new market.As for my make up remover,I use pure virgin coconut oil:)

  2. It's as easy as fantastic :)

  3. this post is very interesting and easy to read .... I hope to visit again


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