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08 August 2012

Some of my favorite blogs- Part 1

I thought pointing out a few blogs that I particulary enjoy reading is a great way to spread "bloglove".
We all have different interests and opinions, but perhaps, you will agree with me that these lovely bloggers are worth stopping by :-).

So here is the list in no particular order:

BuffBeautyBlog- I really like Gemma's style, easy and pleasant to read. She knows the beauty market but also knows how to capture her reader interests.

BeBeautySmart- Dina is doing a very great job in sharing very informative and useful posts. This  blog is not superficial at all and goes into depth, that's why I like it. Well done for the hard work!

PamperedPrince- It is always nice to have a male beauty blogger prospect and insights. Andy gives great reviews and it is really easy to see that he enjoys beauty and really knows how to take care of himself!

Sugarpuffish- Suffering from eczema and allergies, Sarah shares with us her beauty products and food favorites. Writting regularly short blog posts, I like her frank talking and her "no fear" approach.

Pai skincare blog- Easy, concise, precise, the blog written by Sarah Brown (the founder of Pai) always foresees or adresses the crucial and various problems sensitive skins can encounter and bring the best answers to help. Have a look!

Naturallytsnygg- Hannah from Sweden is really passionated about natural beauty and shares with us experiences, products, places, new beauty pick-me up. Really like it.

Stay tuned for the Part 2 :-)

Do you have any favorite blogs? Please, let me know and share with me.



  1. Thanks for the mention, I love all the blog mentioned here & follow them :)

  2. Thanks for the mention! The blog love is definitely mutual.
    There are a couple of blogs here I haven't read before too so I shall check them out :)

  3. Thanks for the love! And it comes right back!

  4. Thank you! I woke up in the morning, logged into my email and I saw this lovely msg:)) My day couldn't start better!:) And yes, I love all the blogs as well mentioned above! xoxoxo

  5. A huge thanks for the lovely mention! I'm also a big fan of your blog and Sugarpuffish's. I shall certainly be checking out the others. xx

  6. Thanks everyone for your nice comments! looking forward to reading all your posts :-)

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  8. Very nice post and interesting to read .... I love visiting this blog.

  9. Hi! I just found my way here from the links on the Swedish blog Naturligt Snygg ( Naturally Gorgeous). Wich happened to be one of my favorite blogs. I like your blog. It breathes peace and harmony and is very nice so I will stop by again soon. If you want to peek at my blog, I have a translation button on the top right. You see all my favorites blog under links. Hope you like it in Amsterdam.

    1. Thank you very much for your sweet comments! i will definitely have a look at your blog! Always very happy to discover new blogs :-). Amsterdam is great , yes !

  10. Hello, here I'm in Indonesia. I've just found your blog and finally I decided to be brave enough to drop some comments here. :) I love natural products and lifestyle, and I love your blog! I've been reading your blog in these 2 hours or more. And yop, your blog has become my favourite one now! :)


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