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31 October 2012

Organic beauty on a budget: Marilou Bio

If you are looking for a low cost organic skincare range, this post may be of your interest.

We all know that organic beauty comes to a certain price... helas. You may need a higher budget if you want to purchase natural products compared to classical products (but it is worth it at the end :-)), this is due to various reasons: use of high quality ingredients, handmade batches, small companies, certification process and cost, recyclable packaging etc...

I would like to introduce Marilou bio, a french skincare company that promises to deliver simple, natural, and effective certified (Ecocert) beauty products ... and mainly accessible for everybody.

The range comprises a complete face and body care collection: you can choose between facial mask, exfoliant, soothing anti-wrinkle cream, delicately scented bodywash, everyday shampoo etc...If you are a lover of lip balms, you may be happy: the little lip treats are fraganced with sweet flavors such as chocolat or strawberry...looking very yummy!

The packaging remains simple yet funky. Each product has its full ingredient composition listed (which I like!).

Marilou Bio range retails in specialised natural shops. Products can also be purchased online. Check this previous post here for more information. (The company choose not to work with big chains or supermarkets in France). 

For more details, you can visit their website here (only in french unfortunately so ask me if you have any questions):

Have you ever tried these beauty products? what do you think?


  1. I like the sound of this brand and it's also a bonus that the packaging is cute :)

    1. Yes, marilou bio is one of those affordable natural beauty brand. I will introduce others very soon :-)

  2. I've heard about this brand back then on fashionedinfinland blog,very cute packaging!It's just french product isn't easily accessible :( Dunno the webstore,and some of them have extremely pricey shipping cost:( Actually I want to try the bb cream from so bio..Do you know any web that offers affordable shipping price just like US/UK webs?

    1. Hello miss,
      Thanks for your comment! have a look at this post. You may find online retailers that deliver for a reasonnable price.
      Have a great day !

  3. I agree with Sugerpuffih. Very cute packaging. :-) I have yet to try these, but I am curious. Lovely CosMe aked were to buy them? You can buy them from Mondebio. The have an english version if you don´t speak french. Shipping to the UK is 5.90 £ and free if you buy for more then 80 £.

    1. thank you for your comment :-))! have a great day!x

  4. Hoi Pia, you asked where I am located: I live in Amsterdam . Greetz, liv

  5. Hello there :)
    I just read this post about Marilou,, im from italy and i also have a blog about organic cosmetics :) hope you can come to visit me ^^

    I tried in the past this brand but let's say is far away from other organics brands such as Inlight, Ballot flurin, antipodes, etc etc...
    it's ok but i recommend these products for teenagers who can't spend too much money in cosmetics or people who is starting to know the organic world.

    I send u hugs

    1. Hello Alessandra,
      Thanks for your comment ! You are definitely right by saying this brand is far from the " purest" ones... totally agree. It still is a good buy for those who cannot really afford to spend more.
      I will definitely check your blog :-)!

      have a great day!

    2. Hey there sweetie :) I just put the button for translations :)
      yes, I think this brand is fine but there is something about glycerin that it almost in all the products at the begining of the INCI that bothers me.. personally i didnt feel any benefit :S however it's ok :)

      thanks for all

  6. Hi

    thanks for this post this is a great aadvice for me. packaging is looking also good.

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  7. Hmmm...this seems interesting. I have never heard of this product but upon reading your review, I would like to try it out. I am curious on how it will work on my skin. This is something new....

  8. Organic Products are better to use as they are eco-friendly and safe. They do not cause any side-effect.
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  9. Organic beauty on budget Marilou bio products. Readto know more

  10. Hi ladies,

    I was just thinking I will share with you the offer I found on Facebook, All Marilou Bio cosmetics are 30% OFF on, I just ordered Organic Face Scrub and Mask and a Day Cream and they are great. I'll definitely be back for more!


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