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09 February 2012

Chocolate: Love etc...

When the weather is cold, the wind blowing in the face and the mood not at the top, we need to find little treats that have the ultimate power to put back a smile on our face. One of those little pleasure is called "chocolate".

Valentine's day around the corner, chocolate is the ultimate indulgence to share, enjoy, degust, appreciate... ie LOVE.

So, what are the health and beauty benefits of this super star?

Listed as one of the most favorite food in the world, dark chocolate (70%-80% made from cocoa beans) remains an excellent source of vitamins B, phosphore, iron and magnesium which make it very stimulative for mind and body. Chocolate also contains anti-oxidants such as flavonol and proanthocyanines that improve blood circulation and may play a role in blood pressure. In addition, chocolate is rich in theobromin, a molecule that triggers a "bien-etre" sensation in the organism. Sounds like a lot of positive attributes, isnt it?

Dark chocolate is made up with more cacao and less sugar (and fat) than milk or white chocolate, making it the top choice for a sweet indulgence.

Whether chocolate is the best Valentine gift for your loved one or wether you just love enjoying a square or two now and then, make sure you choose high quality one to avoid poor dosage in cacao and top percentage in fat and sugar. My favorite ones are from Green and Black, Divine, Conscious, ombar, Bonneterre and Saveur et Nature.

Are you a chocolate lover? which type do you like best? let me know, I am curious !
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