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01 May 2012

New beauty treasures...

Last month, I was very excited to go to the Natural and Organic Products Show in London UK, one of the leading and biggest european show in terms of natural and organic products. It included 4 sections: food, beauty, complements and spa. The show aims to higlight any new trends/events/regulations within the natural market.
In addition to the multiple beauty/food stands you could stop at, several talks were being given throughout the 2 days show.

Many companies from Europe, Australia, America were present and I just wanted to highlight you some of my favorites. I had a very nice chat with all of these.

Kiwi (Latvia)

The owner Agate is a real bubbly and enthousiastic CEO. Her beauty line uses kiwi seed oil as its main ingredients. Herbalist and chemist from formation, she explained to me that the company is family-based, which implies an "heritated know-how".

Jasmin (Australia)

This company is based in Melbourne in a really lovely settings (check out their website!)...that makes me want to jump in a plane. The philosophy of the company is to use really pure ingredients and ensure a highly effective result.
They have their own baby range too!

Urterkram (Denmark)

The design may not be very appealing, but the quality of the products is outstanding. I have tried the Nordic birtch Body lotion and I was really amazed by the result after only one application.

Aromatika (UK)

Aromatika from Devon (UK) has every product type in stock to make you feel gorgeous: foaming bath, onctuous body butter, facial serum, rose mist...their range is really complete and free from SLS and uncessary/unfriendly/chemical ingredients.

Do you know any of these brands? Have you tried some of their products yet? Tell me!
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