Natural beauty and well-being

01 June 2012

Another announcement...

The past few weeks have been quite busy. As you can imagine, moving to The Netherlands required a bit of preparation and the big moving day(s) are finally over.
Therefore, I did not have the time to write beauty blogs as much as I wished but don't worry, I will make sure to correct that as soon as things are a little more settled.

I also wanted to share another news with my lovely blog readers and Twitter followers: Mlle Nature is going to be mummy again! and this time, we get the choice of the king as a little boy will complete our little family late August.

Hence, more than ever, my liifestyle and daily routine have been highly influenced by " the power of the Nature": green and organic, healthy eating habits and researching what it is best for body and mind.

Are you:

- unsure about your beauty routine?
- unsure about your product use?
- curious about natural beauty and wants to learn/know more?

I can help you :-)... follow my adventures and advices throughout my B L O G or email me.

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