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11 June 2012

Tips to prepare for the summer...

Despite being in June, the weather has been quite unsettled over the last few weeks.
Never mind, let's remain positive and hope that sunshine and long warm evenings are ahead of us.

I thought I could list some of my favorite b e a u t y and l i f e s t y l e tips to get ready to the fantastic summer season:

1- Get plenty of seasonal fruits/veggies (strawberries, mangoes, grapefruits, tomatoes, concumbers, courgettes, aubergines, asparagus, olives...) from local producers or natural shops.
I love the veggy corner of Whole food market ( or Harrods ( shops, but I also love strolling in local street markets in London or Amsterdam.

2- Why not trying some simple yet innovative summer dishes? Bring on colors, sunshine, and healthy nutrients in your plates with some delicious mediterranean salads or tapas!
For more ideas, check this website, I love it!

3- When weather is slightly hotter (but also in "normal days"), try to maintain your hydration body level by drinking a lot.
Green tea, fresh fruit-infused water, or simply spring water with a touch of lemon juice are great alternatives if you are a bit bored of tasteless water.
Often love to freshen up with Fiji water ( or an homemade mint-infused water.

4- Exfoliate (but do not over-exfoliate) face and body with a very gentle scrub. Ideal to eliminate dead cells and get an instant glow.
Some of my favorite products are from Melvita ( and Logona (

5- Keep moisturising your skin as it still needs its daily hydrating boost. A lighter cream will do though.
I am still in love with Evolve Beauty face moisturising (see previous post) but I am currently using a very nice face serum that I will be reviewing soon.

6- Bring a shimmering glow to your body by massaging it with botanical oils such as coconut oil or plum kernel oil. Superb results.

7- Always protect your skin with a sunscreen milk/cream with high UV protection. Remember, sun is the first skin ageing factor.
I like Lovea sun range ( or BioBeaute by Nuxe (

8- If it is not already done, reorganize your wardrobes by selecting lighter clothes and storing away winter clothes. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

9- Having more "ME-time".
For exemple, reading may be a great alternative to TV. Have you already selected your summer books?

10- Flower bouquets are excellent in bringing harmony and colour to your living space and are also highly mood boosters. Get yours now:-)

Hope you have enjoyed and get ready for the summer now!

Have you used any of the products/tips mentionned above? Do you have any tips to share with me?

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