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02 July 2012

Pampered feet: my little beauty guide

Sun is shining and fliflops are out....(or we hope for it!). Time to show off your beautiful feet?

Huh...not beautiful? do not worry! I understand.

Lack of time, busy life and so on also had an impact on my poor feet lately. However, I have decided to tackle the problem and share with you some secrets.

Here is my little homemade pedicure, simple, effective, and highly relaxing. So book an afternoon in your agenda and have a try!

Turn on some music, ready?

1- Soak your feet in a delicious lukewarm bath for 20 min. For a delicate and aromatic experience, add a a few drop of lavender or lemon essential oil.
If your feet are really tired and feel hot, add instead 2 green tea bags: wonderful to regulate sweatiness.

2- Massage gently your feet with an exfoliant.This is superb and really effective in getting rid of dead cells and harsh skin.
You can mix a bit of olive oil and sugar if you opt for an homemade scrub. But you are in rush, why not trying Neal's Yard or De Saint Hilaire foot scrub?

3- If perhaps your feet present hard skin around the heals or rough calluses, why not trying natural punice stones? Punice stones help in softening hard foot skin and are really complementary to exfoliation. They give a perfect smooth finish and leave feet soft. I would recommend Karawan or Neal's Yard stones.

4- After bath and treatments, gently pad your feet in a soft towel. Ah... how does it feel already?

5- Time to nourish and hydrate them with a rich foot cream or balm, as you prefer! An extra rich body lotion can do if you do not have a specific foot cream.
I really love using So' Bio Etics Argan rich butter or Weleda foot balm.
Organic shea butter is also one of my favorite as it really works 100%: feet are extra repaired!

Results: feets are absolutely gorgeous, feel light, and smell are you going to give it a go?

Do you have special beauty tips about feet? if so, let me know :-).

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