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22 April 2013

Maison d'Anu glow enzyme mask

You probably enjoy the experience and after-effect of a nice facial treatment. Occasionally I love to go to a beauty centre to be pampered this way. But you can also treat your face yourself in the comfort of your own home! Here is an idea to pamper your skin. It is easy, relaxing and very nice.

Once a week I treat myself on a complete face cleansing, followed by an exfoliation and mask. It gives a truly glowing complexion; well, as long as you use the right products of course!

One of my favourite products, that I use often, is the Glow enzyme Mask from Maison d'Anu.
I discovered this British company on Twitter while I was still living in London. They kindly sent me their bestseller to review. So here it is.

Product description: glow enzyme mask
Certified: no
For: all types of skin except sensitive
Presentation: pot
Texture: gel cream
Price: £28 for 100ml

My opinion

First of all, I am really impressed by the design of the packaging. I am a fan a clean cut yet stylish look and I think this one has it all.

I use this mask once a week (and actually do not exfoliate my skin prior to it). I am almost addicted to it...
The texture of the mask is really enjoyable: not too heavy and very nice. I avoid the sensitive eye area but do not mind putting a more generous layer on the T area of the face (forehead, nose, and chin).

After 10 minutes I give it a good rinse and my face is truly glowing and lifted. The skin is left pleasantly smooth, unified and more plumped. It makes a true difference and you keep this feeling for quite a while! I perfectly understand why this mask is a bestseller!

The mask is a light silky blend of jojoba, sesame seeds, and rosehip oils with some papaya/pineapple enzymes.Those enzymes act as exfoliation agents. In addition, aloe vera gel has been added and delivers soothing nutrients to the skin.
Not only the regeneration process of the skin is enhanced, but the hydration level is also increased.

I also love the smell; it is fresh and invigorating.

This mask is suitable for premature ageing/mature skin or simply tired/dull looking skins which need a little booster once in a while. If you have a sensitive skin, I would perhaps avoid using this product or, at least, do a patch test before use. of my favorite masks all time !

Overall rating: 9/10

You can get more information about Maison d'Anu on their website:

What are your thoughts? what is your favorite mask?



  1. Super article, ├ža me donne envie d'acheter ce masque! ^^

    1. merci pour le commentaire! je te le conseille vraiment!

  2. I love the sound of this face mask! I think papaya is so great for the skin, and I am surprised not many products use it, so its been great to learn about this product! Thank you for a great review!


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