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12 May 2013

Beauty fruit: the pomegranate

We all know that a beautiful and glowing skin is, at least partly, the result of an excellent diet in which fruit, fish and vegetables play an important role. You can enhance this further by a great skincare routine.

I love fruits: juicy, refreshing and, more importantly, bursting of vitamins and nutrients. They are part of my menu everyday.
The fruit I want to highlight today in this post is the super fruit pomegranate.

Pomegranates are big thick fruits that grow in warm climates in places such as California or Spain. The fruits contain many red seeds that are bursting with flavor and health benefits.


The red pomegranate seeds are super tasteful and have a delicate hint of sweetness. They are packed with skin benefit components: Vitamin B and C, antioxidants such as polyphenols, and minerals such as potassium. Although further scientific research still needs to be done, pomegranate seems to play an interesting role in reducing bad cholesterol, improving blood circulation and lowering blood pressure.


It is "fun" to eat pomegranate fruits and seeds. You can add it to desserts or salads and it really gives that little "extra".


Pomegranates are healthy and, generally, you can consume them as much as you like.
However, some of the pomegranate components may interact with some medications (similar to grapefruit juice). If you want to enjoy pomegranate on a regular basis, I would recommend to seek advice from your doctor before doing so.

Which one-

If you are looking for a pomegranate juice I would recommend Organic Village . However there are several other pomegranate juices on the market. The delicious juice forms an easy way to consume this fruit. Check the label and make sure you are not buying a blend of concentrated juices but only the 100% pure organic pomegranate juices.

Have you ever tried pomegranates? What do you think?
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