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26 August 2013

The sun inspired beauty oil: sunflower oil

Driving through beautiful sunflowers fields in Auvergne, France has really inspired me to share with you some simple and true facts about popular Sunflower oil.

Sunflower oil is extracted from the seeds of the beautiful yellow sunflowers. As any others oils, I always advise when purchasing to choose unrefined and cold pressed oils as this is a guarantee that the oil natural content such as fatty acids and vitamins are preserved. Sunflower oil is part of these "good budget beauty buys", so very handy when money is tight at the end of the month.

So, why using Sunflower oil?

Healthy oil for cuisine
Super rich in Omega 6 (but less in Omega 3), sunflower oil is a light oil ideal for adding flavor to salads, frying, and sauteeing.

Ideal to include in your beauty routine
Rich in revitalizing Vitamin E and oleic acids, sunflower is excellent to treat dry and damaged skin.
I love massaging sunflower oil on wet and damp body skin as it really softens and moisturizes. Skin is left glowing without any greasy feeling.
Another good alternative to soothe skin is to pour half a cup of Sunflower oil with a couple of drops of neroli essential oil to your bath during your bathtime routine: a great moment of relaxation combined with a great treat for the skin!

....a really simple and affordable body oil!

What are your views? what is your favorite oil?

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  1. Great post!
    I love rice bran oil, marigold with sunflower oil and jojoba oil.
    They re perfect for sensitive skin!


    1. Hello miss, great combination of oil indeed :-). Great treat for any skins I would say :-)

    2. :) i forgot olive oil as well hihi
      We're sooo atracted to those exotic oils that we forget sometimes that the ones are near (and cheaper) offer the same quality and results as one that costs 10 times more LOL

      Yes, specially marigold one is so mild perfect for babies too

      Kisses <3

  2. I think sunflower oil is a better ingredient than a lot of others, but it's used mainly because it's cheaper to harvest. My favorite oil above all is still olive oil.

  3. Thanks for your comment. Loving olive oil too...smell a bit stronger though :-).
    Hope you are well all the way in the US!


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