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25 October 2013

Part 1- All about goumandise- Beauty brands from France

One of the latest trends in the beauty industry are skincare products that look almost edible. These creams and lotions offer a high content of refreshing fruit extracts and fruit waters. They are often able to provide strong anti-oxidant and regenerative properties to the products.
Apricots, bananas, blueberries, cherries, kiwis, grapes..: these are only some of the numerous organic fruits used. Fruits have of course excellent health benefits and research have shown that the precious fruity actives are also really effective in promoting radiant and balanced skin!

The following french skincare brands have used the super beauty benefits of fruits and developed some "appetizing" products...But be aware: those are not to be eaten but to be used in your beauty regime!

So have a little look at the following brands...

The key ingredients of this skincare beauty line are the green and yellow banana extracts, exceptionnaly rich in mucilages, antioxidants and minerals. Targeting womens in their 20's and 40's. Click on the link if you want to know more:
And important to mention, Kadalys just won two awards at "the Victoires de la Beaute"! Well done!

Pulpe de vie 
If you follow me on Twitter, you may remember that I have already talked about this lovely brand. Manufactured in the Provence, Pulpe de Vie face and body products contain organic fruits (such as organic water of tomatoe, grapefruit, blackcurrent or fig waters) from local producers. For info, I have previously reviewed the facial cleansing "sweet little face" (here).
Check out

Nuxe Bio Beaute 
This sub-brand of Nuxe has been created following the high demand in organic products in France. All products appear so "gourmand" and some contains for example cherries, apricots, raspberries or plums extracts. I will do write a review of the face foaming cleanser soon!
Have a look here:

What do you think? Have you ever tried some of those brands?

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