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15 November 2013

My favorite oil: Acure Organics argan oil

After reading a few posts about Acure Organic beauty products by Mary from Pure MakeUp, I really felt the urge of trying some of their goodies too.
Acure Organics is a family owned sustainable US skincare brand developped by Kirsty Guerra. Their range offer the purest skincare products, green packaging and are environnemnt friendly.

All products are very appealing, but one product that quickly drew my attention was the beautiful Argan oil.

Certified: yes (USDA)
For: all skin types
Texture: yellow oil
Price: $15.99 for 30ml

My opinion

Extra rich in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants, argan oil is a pure wonder for the face, body and hair. Also called "the liquid gold from Morroco", argan oil has been used for centuries by Morrocan woman ( I understand why!) and is becoming increasingly popular nowdays on the beauty market due to its amazing skin benefits: moisturising, regenerative and healing.

I love applying Acure Argan oil onto a cleansed face in the evening. It can do its magic of boosting skin repairing functions when you're asleep! I usually apply 2/3 drops in the palm, warm it up a bit with the fingers and gently massage face with slow circular motions. This oil has a amazing texture, really glides on the skin and immediately sinks in (it is far from being too greasy). Nice glow on the face garanteed! Face massage is really easy to incorporate in your skincare routine, especially when you apply oil or serums.

The smell of this oil is rusty and nutty and feels really natural! You may have to get used to it at the beginning (as I did).

I have been using Acure Argan oil for quite some time now and the results have been terrific: the skin is super smooth, repaired and calmed. You can really feel the difference! Whether you have sensitive, blemish-prone, combination or dry skin, this oil can really help re-balance your skin. It is a great beauty multi-tasker: you can use it as a beauty serum in the evening as I do or as a cream booster (add 2 drops to your favorite day moisturiser).

As mentionned on the Acure emballage, argan oil can also be used to fortify nails and hair. I sometimes massage hair locks and leave it for a good 30 min before the shampoo. This treatment can help repairing damaged hair.

....a really precious face oil for a fantastic price!

My overal rating: 9/10

Have you used Argan oil?  What are your thoughts?

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