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24 December 2013

Merry Christmas 2013 and merci

A really quick but nevertheless very important note.

Just wanted to wish a super HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all my readers!

Many thanks for all your support, comments, interaction whether it is on my blog or via Twitter (@MlleNature).

20 December 2013

Mademoiselle Nature blog button

Just a quick note to say that I will be reorganising my blog over the next few weeks. Exciting, isn't it?

If you are a natural beauty blogger or an organic beauty lover, please send me your link in the comment section below. Always happy to chat with anyone who share the same passion with me!

Also, have a look on the right side of my blog: I have created my blog button...!
Very big thank you for spreading the love!


11 December 2013

Discovering a new exotic beauty brand: siam botanicals

I recently met siam botanicals through Twitter. Siam botanicals is a beauty skincare company based in Thailand that have created 100% natural face and body skincare beauty products (face cleansers, oils, body washes,  bath salts, body scrubs, hair care...). They have used the finest botanical oils in their product composition. Needless to mention that none of their products contain mineral oil, SLS, propylene glycol or artificial fragances.
On their website/webshop they offer, besides their own ranges, also some pure ingredients such as aloe vera or raw organic oils (moringa or tamanau). They even sell various interesting beauty accessories and that is very helpful if you are a fan of DIY beauty recipes!

I was delighted that they sent me a fantastic sample collection for face, hair and body.
First impression: loving the really exotic emballage and cannot wait to try all these goodies!

In this post I will review the face kit which includes (see below):
- Honey and Rose face polish
- White treatment flannel
- Rose water toning mist
- Replenish and the Natural balance face serums
(Bodycare/haircare review will come in a second post)

Wrapped in a lovely breaded little box, the face care samples were ready to be used.

The lovely Honey and Rose face polish feels very natural and fresh. The tiny grains of Siamese organic sugar gently remove impurities and build-ups without stripping the natural oils of the skin. Pure honey is soothing and hydrating. This face polish can be used on any skin type once or twice per week. The polish does not feel rough, but rather gentle - it almost glides on the skin. There is also a pleasant scent of honey and rose, which feels gorgeous on the skin.

The White treatment flannel helps to smooth away dirt/dead cells and even the complexion.

The Rose flower toning mist is highly refreshing. It soothes and invigorates the skin. It also acts as an excellent primer for moisture and serum/oils skin treatment. I spritz 3/4 times onto my cleansed face. As you may know, I adore rose water. See here here why!

The Face replenish and Natural balance face serums both contain the signature ingredient of siam botanicals, the rice bran oil, which is widely used in Asian countries for its brightening and hydrating properties.
        Balance face oil is ideal for combination/oily skin type. It contains a lovely aromatic blend of nurturing oils (rice bran oil, grapeseed, sesame) and purifying essential oils (lavander and grapefruit). I love to apply it in the evening and let the skin benefit from all the nutrients overnight. This oil is light and well absorbed. The scent is divine: fresh, herbal, smooth. A favorite for me :-).
        The Replenish oil is designed to bring vitality to tired and dull-looking skins. Along with argan and moringa oils, the blend also features invigorating juniper berry and patchouli essential oils. I use it occasionnaly when I want to stimulate face regeneration functions. The texture is slighlty heavier than the Balance oil. But that is fine with me as I only use face oils in the evening.

As an overall, I really enjoyed using siam botanicals face products and if you are a fan of natural goodies with a touch of exotism, I really encourage you to try them! Affordable price as well, which is a great bonus too!

Why not browsing through their website? Just click here.

Have you heard of siam botanicals? Have you tried it? Let me know!


07 December 2013

Green Beauty Characters Tag

Recently, I was really happy to be tagged by Beautycalypse and by Leanne from Lass and Lipstick to do the green beauty characters tag (the founder of this tag is actually Sonja, the beauty blogger behind Life in Blush).
Have a look at these blogs, they are lovely!

Rules of this tag are quite simple:
- tag other green beauty bloggers.
- title your post Green Beauty Character Tag.
- mention the tag started at Life in Blush.

1- On my nightstand you will find:  various beauty face oils, lip balms, Iphone and "the winner stands alone" from Paulo Coelho.
2- The literary character I'm most like is (take this quiz to answer): Juliet from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
3- I'm currently obsessed with: preparing for my dutch exam, keeping up my blog, finding good balance between family/work life.
4- My favorite superhero is: not sure really...
5- My favorite beauty product 2013: Joo Mo face cleanser, really nice!
6- If I could have dinner with anyone dead or alive it would be: my beloved grandpa.
7- Winter is coming-how do you prep your skin for battle: gentle cleansing, Argan oil from Acure organic, and aromatic oil blends (Unique Naturals) at night, creamy daily moisturiser and lots of water drinking.
8- My perfect date night make-up consists of: smoked eyes, beautiful complexion, light redish gloss.
9- My go-to-skin- beautifying snack/drink is: kiwis, pears, seaweed, berries, avocado, nuts, green veggies, salmon...Loving all the fresh and vitamin-bursting fruits in general!
10- My TV boyfriend is: not quite sure as I don't have a TV fav series or so. Having said that, "The Apprentice" really entertains me a lot.
11- If my evening clutch could only hold one beauty item it would be: it would definitely be my face cleanser.
12- One beauty tip I would pass on to my real daughter is: stand up to yourself, trust in yourself and enjoy the beautiful life. Smile no matter what.
13- The most nostalgic item from my childhood: I am not too materialistic so I think the answer would be the lovely birds singing in my parents's garden.
14- My favourite TV show at the moment is: sorry, I have none..too busy with other things :-).
15- My favourite quote is: "All the world's roads lead to the heart of the warrior; he plunges inhesitatingly into the river of passions always flowting through his life" Paulo Coelho

Hope you enjoy reading! Many green beauty bloggers have already answered to this tag, so if anyone reading would still like to participate, feel free :-)

01 December 2013

Beauty shopping in Amsterdam

A M S T E R D A M: lovely little city in the Netherlands...
If you happen to come here for a short weekend or holiday, here are a few boutiques that I really recommend for some great beauty experiences.
All centrered around the canals, these lovely shops offer unique beauty brands, great customer service, and an amazing atmosphere.

C o s m a n i a

Cosmania is the only Neal Yeards Remedies product retailer in the Netherlands (yes, I do like NYR very much and miss their shops here). You can find other beauty brands sourced all over the world such as Elemental Herbology, Steamcream or nail polishes Dose.

The boutique has a nice and relaxing atmosphere. The founder, Marcel Dukker, is really helpful and very knowledgeable. He will easily guide you during your visit.

Most of the brands are natural.They offer many free testers clearly displayed and encourage you to try their great variety of products on offer. This really adds to a great beauty and shopping experience!

C. C o s m e t i c and C a r e

Pure. White. Design. This boutique looks lovely and is very inviting. It is also a skin clinic where you can have face and body treatments using the finest organic products.
The shop design is absolutely lovely and you can easily stroll and "feel" the beauty ambiance. C. cosmetic and care offers exclusive ranges of organic beauty products such as Cosmetic 27, Pure Altitude or Intelligent Nutrients. The founder Caroline van Eeuwijk is also hosting workshops througout the year, so this is a perfect way to get informed and educated.

S k i n  Co s m e t i cs

Skins Cosmetics, the beauty concept store, has shops in 10 cities in the Netherlands. I visited the one near the museum quarter which is located in the beautiful building of the former Conservatory of music. This building is home to a luxury five star hotel too. This boutique retails a wide selection of perfurmes, make-up, hair care products and international skincare brands (not exlusively natural). You can find the lovely REN skincare products (yes!) but also some other brands such as Esthelle and Thild or Patyka. It is also a skin clinic where skin treatments are offered.

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? Any shopping preferences? HAPPY SHOPPING everyone!

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