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14 April 2013

Why Rose flower water is wonderful for the skin

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I often tweet about the skin benefits of Rose flower water.
I personally love it and in this post, I just want to elaborate a bit more on the amazing properties of this wonderfully scented ingredient.

Rose flower water is a by-product of the production of rose essential oil. It is used to flavor food, has medical applications and is also a beauty product.  

The rose itself has always played a prominent role in the perfume industry, due to its natural and wonderful scent. It is no wonder that it has become such an icon in the beauty industry! Having a gentle and delicate scent and being a symbol of feminity, the rose is regarded as the true beauty queen.

Key benefits
Rose flower water (also simply called Rose water or Rose distillate) is one of my favorite skincare products! I have tried many facial mists, but (organic) rose flower distillate is by far the one that I prefer most. My skin is always left incredibly smooth and hydrated. It is a key part of my personal skincare routine (see also my post My skincare routine).

Amongst those benefits are:
- Aromatic: wonderfully fresh, light, and "douce".
- Moisturising: for many centuries it is used to hydrate (facial) skin... and rightly so!
- Soothing and calming: rose flower water soothes any skin type from delicate to mature.
- Anti-aging: its rejuvenating properties make it the perfect complementary care for aging skin.
- Gently tonic and astringent: rose flower water tightens pores and brightens the complexion.
- Suitable for sensitive skin: rose flower water is the perfect cleanser complement - skin is left really soft without any hint of irritation.

Try it!
So, if rose flower water is not yet part of your facial beauty routine, please try it and you might love it as much as I do!
There are a few brands I can recommend: Melvita, Raw Gaia, Balm Balm, Sanoflore.

Do you use any other flower distillate in your skincare routine? Please let me know which one you use!

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