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29 April 2013

Beauty collections from Carrefour France

If some of you are living/or used to travel to France, you must know the big supermarket chain Carrefour. I quite like it! Why?
... because it really offers a great variety of products including food, clothes, baby stuff, beauty...and prices are quite competitive!

Super famous in France, the retailer is also present in other countries (I always try to go when I am abroad, so I went to one in China, in Dubai, Sicily...)

During a recent trip to France, I was even suprised to discover in Carrefour a whole area specially dedicated to organic food and products.

Carrefour have also just relaunched their entire beauty range under the name of: "les cosmetiques design Paris". It includes toiletries, skincare, haircare and is divided into 5 different categories that are listed below:

Nectars of Nature- offers a complete collection for face, body and hair. Certified by Ecocert and specially formulated with pure plant extracts, the products are good if you want to switch to natural beauty but not spend too much. I will be more than happy to test some of them during my next trip to France.

Essentials- basic beauty products for the face, body and hair. It includes all kinds of products from shower gels to shampoos to moisturising face cream, to nail remover....

Science- designed for all type of skins. Not sure if the name really means something for me (who has a scientific background). I often think claims as such appear more as marketing tool than anything else. Again, the range offers anti-ageing skincare, body and hair products.

Ultimate- designed for mature skins and aims at defying the time effect on skin. The range comprises body massage oils and creams, sun tanning lotion, and antiageing serums.

Pro's- advertised as easy make-up. This "couture" sub-category aims at providing a more sophisticated look.

Bare in mind that  Nectars of Nature is the only natural beauty range within the 5 ranges.

For more information, check the website: Les cosmetiques design Paris

Maybe Carrefour wants to become the new "affordable" Sephora :-)...

Do you know  "les cosmetiques design Paris" and/or have you tried any of the products?

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