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29 August 2013

Organic September is coming...

The end of the summer is already approaching..."oh, no" you may think. Listen ladies (and gentlemen).
There is something that cheers me up and that I look foward to and this is Organic September.

Launched by the Soil Association in UK, Organic September aims at celebrating everything organic. This great initiative helps raising awareness whether you are an occasional organic lover, a 100% organic addict or still quite undecided about the organic way of life.

If you are from USA, Germany, France, Australia, Russia, UK, Singapore, Sweden, Spain or elsewhere (I know my readers :-)!) and would like more information about it, you can visit the Soil Association website.

Personally, I put a little effort and creativity in cooking new little dishes during Organic September: trying new combinations, testing some new organic cereals, blending unique ingredients...
At the end of the day, it is all about pleasure, discovery and effort.

Are you doing something special during Organic September?
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