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12 April 2014

Hifas Da Terra Argan and red clay Mico-Soap

A little while ago, I have introduced the lovely spanish brand Hifas Da Terra. If you have missed the post, check here.
Today I am really excited to talk about my experience with Mico Soap, an exclusive handmade soap enriched with organically grown mushrooms.

My opinion

MicoSalud Mico-Soap (150g for 6€) is the kind of artisan soaps that I particularly fancy. Unique. Simple. Raw. I am not a frequent soap user, because I always thought that soap is too drying for the skin. Well, has my mind changed?

Handcrafted in Spain, Mico-Soap offers 3 varieties tailored to the different skin type/issue. The soap I have been testing is the Reishi Argan oil Red clay mico-soap. Designed to heal sores, psioriasis or excessive sweating, it is particularly more adapted to oily skins. Anti-oxidant Reishi (mushrooms) and regenerating Argan oil have been blended with remineralizing red clay to heal skin and regulate the oily content. Reishi are also known to activate blood circulation. With a coconut base, Mico-Soap is free from phtalates, sulfates and essential oils.

Using a bit of water, I massage the body with regular movements using the soap's featuring chunks of mushrooms on the top. The creamy lather is really soft yet purifying. I love the raw/earthy yet subtle smell - mainly because of the red clay (and the parfum). There is a very strong feeling of "detox" that emerges using this soap and although I am not suffering from any of the earlier mentioned skin conditions, I find this bar healing and treating. And I like that. I used it a couple of times on the face but unfortunately, my skin was left with a slightly tight sensation. I think the main reason is that the soap is not moisturising enough for my combination type skin. Fair enough (It is aimed at skins that are apparently oiler than mine). I have been trying the Calendula Mico-Soap version and I guess this one is more suitable to my skin type (review soon!).
At the end, I enjoy Mico-soap Reishi Argan oil Red Clay as an occasional detox treat for the body, but I wouldn't use it on a daily basis.

++ ingredients and price
- not soothing enough

My overall rating: 7/10

Composition: sodium cocoate, aqua, glycerin, parfum, bentonita, Ganoderma lucidum, Argania spinosa oil, tocopherol, coumarin.

What do you think? do you often use soaps in your beauty regime?

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