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23 June 2014

Beauty samples that did not convince me

I rarely review beauty samples (except here). What I mean by beauty samples are the creams/serums you get in those tiny 2 or 3 ml sachets. Samples can be quite useful if you want to explore the texture, the scent and to get a first sense of the efficacy of a product. It is great to give a "first impression" and can really help in making your decision to purchase the full-size product or not. But, obviously, whether the products really work for you in the longer run remain to be seen...

Today, I am going to chat about samples that didn't do the trick - well not for me personally at least. Voila...

Pai Comfrey & Calendula calming body cream
I really love the brand Pai. They have a great company ethos and their ingredient choice is often very appealing. However, I was disappointed when I first massaged a bit of the Comfrey & Calendula calming body cream onto my arm. Thumb up for the really creamy and fast-absorbing lotion, but I did not like the scent at all. It really smelt strange - not fresh and far from what I expect from a body cream. A real shame.

Egyptian Magic cream
I was intrigued for a little while by the really "sort of famous" white and blue pot containing the all-natural cream. Managed to get a sample. What I like about this cream is the simplistic formula (it doesn't contain an almost overwhelming list of ingredients). And those ingredients are real skins goodies (propolis extract, honey...). However, I wished this cream was a bit less heavy and would sink in a little bit quicker. And, again, the scent was not too appealing for me - it just smells like olive oil. I was looking for something a bit more exotic, I guess.

Naturalmente Shampoo Rosemary and Lavender (PR sample)
Another big disappointement here. The shampoo aims at purifying/balancing the scalp/hair, thanks to Rosemary and Lavender essential oils. I had a good sizes sample (15 ml) and could try it a couple of times. I was really hopeful, but unfortunately my hair felt heavier two days after shampooing - certainly compared to my currently favorite shampoo (review soon!). It almost felt like the shampoo did not rinse properly. That is pity.

Do those samples/products work better for you? Did you have disappointing samples recently? Let me know!

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