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04 June 2014

My top beauty tips for combination/oily skins in humid weather

Here in the Netherlands we have been enjoying summery days in the past month. It is absolutely lovely to see those gorgeous vibrant coquelicots flourish everywhere, birds singing even louder than before and baby ducks enjoying swimming with their mummies. Days have been particularly gorgeous in Amsterdam....however the atmosphere could already felt quite heavy sometimes.

Humid weather can be a struggle for combination/oily skins, which start to shine after 2/3 hours post- morning cleanse...not always nice!
So what do you do to K E E P a clear/flawless skin/complexion in that situation?

- Right cleansing. Make it an evening routine to cleanse your face thoroughly using a special deep cleansing product that, ideally, contains some great natural purifying ingredients. Look out for Willow bark, green clay, lactic acid, Manuka honey, probiotics in the product formula. You want your skin to be purified, cleared of dirt/excess of sebum without being overwhelmed and feeling tight. Use a refreshing cleanser in the morning.

2 - Switch to lightweight formulas. A gel-based organic moisturiser will keep your face hydrated without feeling too heavy, greasy or adding additionnal stickiness. It is definitely a great choice when air is humid.

3 - Protect your skin from UVA/UVB with mineral sunblock. Organic sunscreens generally contain zinc oxide that not only acts as a great defense against UV rays, but also improves the skin healing process.

4 - Have a soft hand with heavy make-up/foundations. And if you can't resist a little make-up session, choose a texture that is light, weightless or even powdery. The rule? Do not overdo! Mineral make-up is the one to go for as it generally contains pure skin-friendly minerals that do not overpower your skin tone.

-  Use blotting papers to beat that extra shine. Simply apply the sheet on the needed area and it will immediately absorb any excess of oil.

6 - Clay masks are the best to balance your skin without being drying. Once or twice a week, an homemade clay face mask is perfect  if you want to gently purify skin. Sensitive skin? Opt for pink clay, which is very soothing too! Adding some raw honey to your DIY formula will make your skin even smoother and moisturised.

Have you tried those tips? Do you have other advices to share?

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