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24 November 2014

A top favourite of mine : Cime beautifying oil and universal balm

Cime beauty: you may have never heard of this belgian brand….but let me tell you, you are truly missing something.
I have discovered this Ecocert certified mid-range natural beauty brand a while ago. I really got intrigued by the funky packaging and the brand itself. I was also so suprised to not have seen or heard of this little treasure before!
Although they have yet to get some more european retailers, the owner was absolutely super kind to send me the products of my choice: the beautifying oil called l'Huile and the Himalaya universal balm.

L'Huile by Cime (€22.90 for 100ml)
I have discovered this little beauty gem not long ago but I am already a big big fan. L'Huile is a multi-purpose dry oil packed with very nourishing and regenerative botanical oils such as Rosehip, Sesame and Apricot. It is designed to simplify bodycare routine because of its multiple functions. I love using this oil on damp skin after showering (especially at weekends when I have time to do a proper massage). The other way to use it is to apply it on hair prior to shampooing. It acts as a really nice cocooning layer for the hair and is soothing/repariring for dry ends (I have long hair, so always happy to give them a treat!). L'Huile by Cime comes in a very handy spray, and when I say handy, I really mean it. It gives the sufficient amount needed without splashing oil everywhere. If you haven't noticed its lovely sperky orange colour, then have a look again. The vibrant colour is beautiful and probably due to the Carrot extract alongside the Rosehip oil. Although the composition remains fairly simple (blend of a few carriers/expensive oils with some plant extracts),  this oil is a great performer. To give the "dry" effect to the oil, Cime has incorporated dicapryl carbonate in the formula. This naturally derived- emollient has the ability to spread easily and and give a velvety finish to the skin. This oil combines great perfomance, nice texture and pleasant scent: a real winner for me. 

 Composition: dicapryl carbonate, Sesamum indicum (Sesame) seed oil*, caprylic capric triglyceride, Prunus armeniaca (Apricot) kernel oil*, parfum, Hippophae rhamnoides (Seabucktorn) seed oil, Prinsepia utilis (Dhatelo) seed oil, Rosa rubiginosa (Rosehip) seed oil, Daucus carota (Carrot) root extract*, tocopherol, Helianthus annus (sunflower) seed oil, geraniol, linalool, citral, Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) leaf extract*, limonene.

Himalaya 29N-81E Universal balm (13.99 for 50ml)
My ideal balm is a good extra-nourishing beauty product that would heal/treat any little skin damages and problems without being over-greasy (I am quite picky on the latter as I don't like sticky and oily feeling). Is this one THE one?
Ever since my eyes got caught by the wonderful packaging of Himalaya, this balm became my go-to first aid beauty cream. The really rich and creamy white cream (rather than balm) housed in a beautiful aluminium tube, which gives a nice retro feeling to the product, is also infused with 7 specific essential oils. The 7 essential oils chosen in the formulation all share very interesting beauty properties: invigorating Peppermint, antiseptic Withergreen, tonic Lemongrass, stimulant Ginger, uplifting Palmarosa, calming Chamomille, yes the list is long….and did I forget to mention that this therapeutic balm smells really divine: fresh, herby, addictive. Chiuri butter also found in the cream is a great alternative to Shea butter and it is made from Chiuri tree, a deciduous tree native from native Nepal. Often used by local communities for its repairing and skin healing properties, Chiuri butter makes it the ideal companion to soothe demanding skins. Additionnally, the essential oil blend in the formula proves to be very effective if you suffer from a cold and want to breathe a bit more freely. You just need to apply a bit of cream on the chest and it will do wonders. And if you suffer from stiff muscles, be reassured: the universal balm does a great job at soothing muscles after activity! And its potent effect is also seen on cracked hands that become immediately relieved and healed after one application. What a multitasker!
Lovely beauty problem solver retailing at less than 15 euros..that is one not to be missed!

Composition: aqua, Sesamum indicum seed oil*, Lavandula angustifolia aqua*, cetearyl alcohol, glycerin, glyceryl stearate citrate, Prunus armeniaca kernel oil*, cera laba, Bassia butyracea seed butter, glyceryl caprylate, Zingiber officinale root oil*,  Gaultheria procumben leaf oil*, stearoyl glutamate, tocopherol, xanthan gum, Chamomilla recutita extract*, Juniperus chinensis leaf extract*, potassium sorbate, Cymbopogon martini oil*, Rhododendron anthopogon flower/leaf extract, geranil, limonene, linalool

Get it here: Bio'Ty Lab.

What are your thoughts? Fancy trying those?

17 November 2014

Top hand treatments: Herbfarmacy Working Hand cream and Cuticle oil

Herbfarmacy is a brand I have had an eye on for a very a very long time. This british skincare company has a lot that I like - created by a doctor (Dr Paul Richards), 30 years of homegrown herbs and homemade plant extracts and many years of in-house research, cruelty-free, and suitable for sensitive skins.
I was literally over the moon when Herbfarmacy asked me if I wanted to try some of their products. They kindly send me a beautiful package featuring many samples of their beauty products. Today, let's focus on hands ( By the way, have you read my top beauty post on how to get beautiful hands?). I have been using the Working Hand cream and Cuticle oil for some time now. Here are my thoughts.

Working Hand cream (£16.00 for 100g)

This delicious and rich yet non greasy cream has been a wonderful soother for my hands. Thick and reaching for me what is an ideal texture for a hand cream, this cream has been one of my favorite beauty items lately. I have a tendency to wash my hands often (perhaps too often) and this causes some dehydration and dryness. The formula is packed with skin nourishing botanical oils such as Macadamia, Apricot and Evening primrose. What I like is that it does not feel too waxy at all. With its aloe vera base, the hand cream deeply nurtures the skin and leaves the hands velvety smooth. The smell is really pleasant: a nice mix between herbs and flowers due to the elegant blend of essential oils.
I very much enjoy using this cream on a daily basis and especially when days are getting colder. It brings an immediate relief to my hands without leaving any sticky film.
If you are looking for a very effective organic hand cream, then this is one to go for!

Composition: aqua, Aloe barbadensis* (Aloe vera), Helianthus annus (Sunflower) oil*, Macadamia tetraphylla (Macadamia nut) oil*, Oenothera biennis (Evening primerose) oil*, soduim stearoul lactylate (vegetable emuslsifier), Prunus armeniaca (Apricot kernel) oil*, Stellaria media (Chickweed) extract*, glycerine*, glyceryl stearate* (vegetable emulsifier), Cera alba* (beeswax), cetyl alcohol (vegetable emulsifier), Althaea officinalis (Marshmallow) extract*, ethanol* (ethyl alcohol), phenoxyethanol, benzyl alcohol, potassium sorbate (mild preservative system), tocopherol (Vitamin E oil), lactic acid, Symphytum sp. (Comfrey) extract*, Calendula officinalis*, Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) extract*, Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) essential oil*, Mentha piperita (Peppermint) essential oil*, Litsea cubeba (May chang) essential oil*, d-limonene, geraniol, linalool.*organic. Contains nut oils.

Nail and Cuticle oil (£18.00 for 30 ml)

On a general basis, I do not necessarly treat my nails with anything special than a tad of the current hand cream on each nail (aka the working hand cream). Having said that, I was very tempted by this special oil, specifically designed to encourage nail growth and prevent breakage. The oil blend comes in a flacon with a pipette. This is really handy since the oil is really light.You only need a drop or two to massage the entire nails. Along with soothing Jojoba, the blend contains Horsetail and Calendula extracts, which both have regenerative and healing properties. The smell of this oil is incredibly herby and really addictive. Since using this oil every evening for a good 4 weeks now, my nails are stronger and look much better and more unified.
Perfect if you want to heal nails area and simulate weak and fragile nail growth!

Composition: Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) seed oil, Helianthus annuss hybrid oil (high-oleic Sunflower) oil, Equisetum arvensis (Horsetail) extract, Calendula officinalis (Calendula) flower extract, lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) essential oil, Backhousia citriodora leaf (Lemon Myrtle essential oil), Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) extract.

Herbfarmacy is available at Lovelula.

Have your tried these products? What is your favorite hand cream?

10 November 2014

6 beauty tips to help dehydrated skins

With the weather becoming slightly colder and windy, it is not surprising to see that the skin also starts being more reactive/irritated.

If your skin shows some signs of discomfort, if your skin feels uncomfortable, a bit tight and a bit itchy or if your skin lacks radiance and has some fine lines, then, your skin may be dehydrated.
What is important to remember is that ANY skin type (dry, normal, combination, oily) can be dehydrated. Dehydration is a skin condition that occurs when the lipidic barrier from the skin is altered and when the water content decreases. So what to do?

Here are some of the best ways to help and pamper dehydrated skin:
  1. Drink waterHydration first comes from within. 
  2. Avoid hot showers or long baths. Hot water dries out the skin.
  3. Use the beauty products with the right ingredients
    • Hyaluronic acid, urea, glycerin, shea butter are some of the best moisturisers. 
    • Privilege very soothing cleansing natural beauty products rich in organic plant oils.
    • Opt for some rich moisturising day creams that help to restore skin barrier.
    • But…. cut out beauty products with strong detergents, alcohol or other irritants (parfum).
  4. Use thermal water. Thermal water is an excellent beauty mist to combat dehydration. The best way to use is to spray on cleansed face and then gently pat dry.
  5. Night time routine is key. Apply a highly moisturising serum before any face oil/cream.
  6. Take advantage of a hydrating maskOnce or twice a week apply a generous amount of hydrating mask that immmediately quench skin's thirst. 

Which products to use? Here is my little selection:

Some firm favorite brands of mine for the thermal water are Roche-Posay, Evian, UriageJonzac.
Really good moisturising face cleansers can be found at Pai skincare, Neals Yard Remedies, Aurelia skincare and Acure Organics.
 Mychelle Dermaceuticals, 100% Pure, Juice Beauty, Ren Skincare have some excellent moisturising serums.
And finally, Dr Hauschka, Nuxe bio-beaute, Weleda, Melvita  have a good choice of soothing face masks.

If you have any other tips, let me know!

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03 November 2014

Basic routine- So' Bio Etic bodywashes and shampoos

Sometimes, organic does not necessarly mean expensive.
So' Bio Etic is a french brand I have already mentionned on this blog when I reviewed the BB cream Perfecteur de teint - a french, affordable beauty brand which really offers a huge range of beauty products including make-up, skincare and body care. My regular trips to France are often a good excuse for me to stock-up with lot of beauty goodies I do not find anywhere else. I'm also very keen to introducing you new things than the classical french pharmacy brands we see or hear often about.

Here are some of the So'Bio Etic body care and haircare products that I bought a little while ago - Their cute packaging caught my eye in the shops and I liked the ingredients and…. the price!

All the bodywahes are free from parabens and only contain gentle detergents. Although not hyper-foaming, they clean really nicely without drying the skin. They are delicately scented with essential oils and enriched with a couple of signature ingredient for each product.

The creamy bodywash Almond and Honey is one of my favourites of the bunch. The sweet and yummy macaron-like aroma is very conforting while the creamy texture does a great job in soothing skin. Nice if your skin is towards the dry side. 
The Lime and Guarana shower gel is the tonic one : fresh and zingy, it is a burst of dynamism and is ideal to use in the morning if you want to awaken the senses and gets a nice invigorating boost! I love it!
The third shower cream that I have been using is the Donkey milk creamy bodywash. Donkey milk is very nourishing and calming and is known for its therapeutic actions on skin disorders. This body wash contains also nourishing shea butter and moisturising Aloe vera, which leaves skin soothed.
Lovely trio at a great price (each shower gel costs less than 5 euros)!

Then next the shampoos. The SLS- and silicone-free shampoo range is also impressive and amongst all the varieties I bought the shampoo color care Raspberry and Pomegranate and the purifying shampoo Green clay and Lemon.
The shampoo color care Raspberry and Pomegranate smells really nice and has been designed for colour-treated hair (I don't color my hair though). It works really well at effectively cleansing and nurturing hair locks thanks to Rasberry seed oil and Shea Butter. Formulated with green tea extract, my hair looks healthy and shiny.
But if I want to have a slightly more astringent effect, I then use the purifying shampoo Green clay and Lemon which stimulates and deep cleanses scalp.
Both shampoos lather well. This combo has been a great pick to include in my basic haircare and retailing at a total value of less than 10 euros, you won't go wrong!

You can buy all the products mentioned here from Eccoverde.

Have you ever tried So' Bio Etic range? what is your favourite basic shower/hair product?

01 November 2014

Yours Truly Organics skincare: a really nice surprise

Yours Truly Organics has only been launched a few months ago in UK and I already read many great reviews about it. This organic cruelty-free and Ecocert certified face beauty range was created after the founder Kelita suffers from toubled skin for many years. She wanted to tackle the problem serioulsy and she decided to create a natural beauty solution which resulted in this 4 steps skincare routine. My skin type is combination type and I was more that happy to try this range.

Take it away cleanser (£22 for 120ml)
This quite vibrant orange gel foams easily when you add a bit of water and has been one of my favorite products from the line. Enriched in skin-loving sunflower and jojoba oils, my skin feels really cleansed and fresh after. This is really the type of cleanser I like to use in the morning (but also in the evening to remove daily impurities and make-up) because it is effective yet gentle and quick. The gel features  colorful and anti-oxidant Annatto extract and healing Sandalwood essential oil that promote radiance and glow.

Balancing toner (£19 for 100ml)
This one has been my best friend for a good 3 months now. It does an excellent job in toning and balancing the cleansed face. The combination of naturally astringent Witch hazel flower water with glycerin and Oat extract helps to reveal a clearer skin without the dryness. The serum contains Pentavitin, a unique moisturising complex that provides intense skin hydration. As an overall, I really love the performance. The only drawback of this product is that my skin sounds a little bit sticky after application. Because of this sensation, I prefer using it exclusively in my evening skincare routine.

Fix me up repairing serum (£28 for 30ml)
If you are looking for a serum that can soothe and calm irritated skin while helping the cell regeneration process, this one is the one. This light clear and yellow potent serum glides easily on the skin to smoothe away imperfections and repair the skin. The Gatuline Skin-repair Bio present in the serum is proven to restore skin and encourages cell reparation processes.
Exclusively part of my skincare evening routine too, it works really well with the other products. Again, a winner for me!

Face base face balm (£25 for 100ml)
This pot contains a marvellous cream (rather than oil-based balm as the name would suggest) that smells absolutely divine. The scent is really unique and actually very relaxing. The cream does a really great job at moisturising, thanks to the skin-loving oils and butters it contains. I noticed as well the presence of firming pea extract, soothing concumber extract and brightening Daisy flower extract. I think this base is ideal to use when the weather is not too hot, as it tends to feel a tad too heavy for me.

As an overall, Yours Truly Organics has been a really pleasant surprise. I really like the products, the concept, but I mainly adore the results!

There is one thing in my opinion that may let down the range: the plastic packaging which looks cheap, considering the price point of the line. The good news is that Kelita has announced me that she is working on a complete packaging make-over. Check out the website to discover the new prices/product design!

Have you tried Yours Truly Organics? what are your thoughts?
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