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10 February 2014

Introducing Hifas da Terra

I am really thrilled to write about a brand/company that you have probably never come across and neither had I...until a few weeks ago. They are called Hifas da Terra. They sent me a beautiful package of very interesting beauty goodies, honey and chocolate and I am very much looking forward to trying and reviewing those really soon.

Who are they?

Hifas da Terra is a spanish small biotechnology company based in Pontevedra, west of Spain, closed to the portugal border.

What do they do?

Hifas da Terra are specialised in organically cultivating all types of mushrooms such as Shiitake, Oyster mushrooms or king trumpet mushrooms.

What are the benefits of mushrooms?

For those who are less familiar with fungus, mushrooms such as Reishi, Cordyceps, Shiitake are actually been found to be super rich in anti-oxidants and polysaccharides that play a strong role in the body immune defense system. Mushroom extracts can be used as a skincare ingredients. In addition anti-inflammatory properties, they are supposed to do wonders on dull-looking skins via boosting the skin regeneration processes.

What do they offer?

With their incredible expertise in mycology, Hifas da Terra have developped amazing ranges of products that include their star ingredient: the mushrooms.

    Food vegan gourmet comprises a wilde range of organic certified products. From sweet chocolate and honey to exciting sauces and spices, it has all been made to make you discover a very unique experience.

   Micosalud food complement are Ecocert certified superfood natural supplements and bring you the best immune boosting-nutrients and anti-oxidants from mushrooms.

   Mico garden are home kits to grow your own mushrooms.

   Micosalud Dermocosmetics were developped to heal and protect skin using the super anti-oxidant properties of Reishi and Cordycerps. It comprises a serum, soaps, and a large collection of body whool sponge.

If you are as curious as I was to know more about this brand and all the incredible mushrooms have to offer, please visit their website for more information and have a little browse. For all my UK readers, Hifas da Terra should launch in the UK very soon, so watch this space.

As a beauty lover, I am really intrigued by their skincare/bodycare range Micosalud Dermocosmetics which is free from parabens, artificiel fragrances, phtalates, DEA or sulphates. I have never ever tried any creams/beauty related products using mushrooms extracts (and I have tested many things so far) and I am about to test some of their products, which will feature on my blog soon.

I will start using the Mico-serum, a unique face serum designed to calm and heals skin thanks to a intelligent mix of mushrooms extracts, argan oil and amino acids. I am also very curious to try the limited edition of the 100% biodegradable Sponge edition, a body exfoliating handmade Mico-Soap sponge made of natural whool and silk which contains Reishi soap and is aromatised with calendula and lemon. As a perfect partner to the sponge, I also received a body soap Mico-soap enriched in Reishi, argan oil and red clay. Everything sounds really lovely, fresh and purifying at the same time.

The lovely package also features a 100% certified organic Cordiceps-flavored chocolate and honey. Original and suprising, I aim to appreciate those little goodies during a special occasion.

What do you think of this range? have you ever tried a line containing mushrooms? Reviews coming soon!

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