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19 February 2014

Strolling through Geneva, Switzerland- Aesop

Over the Christmas break, I went on a little trip to Geneva- nice and relaxing city, not too far from my hometown in France. While strolling in the city center, I came across a beautiful beauty shop (far from being swiss): Aesop. I knew this brand and without any prejudices decided to step-in and "see".

Aesop is an australian company created more than 20 years ago that aims "to create a range of superlative products for the skin, hair and body. The company is committed to using both plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients of the highest quality and proven efficacy".
The signature shop is beautiful: clean design, soft light, attention to details... The customer service was really great and I was granted happily granted with a lot of samples.

As a natural beauty lover, I always check the product composition of any beauty product I come across. It is for me a good way to see where the company stands. Aesop is not an entirely "natural" beauty company as I came across silicones, polysorbate 80 and preservatives such as phenoxyethanol or methhylchloroisothiaxolinone in some of their products.
However, there are a few products that are surely cleaner than others. For instance, the Parsley seed face cleansing oil designed for combination skin is a unique and solely blend of botanical oils and essential oils. I tried one sample and was quite happy with it. Slighty astringent on the T-zone, it is non drying on the cheeks or the other areas and removes the make-up well.
I also had an eye on their face and body oils. The parsley seed anti-oxidant facial treatment bursts with nutritive fatty acids and anti-oxidant ingredients while the damascam rose facial treatment aims at soothing and regenerating dry skins. Sounds like great products but haven't tried them yet.

If you want to have more informations about Aesop, visit their website. All product compositions are clearly displayed, so no bad suprises. You clearly know what to expect.

What do you think of Aesop? have you tried it?

Stay tuned for the 2nd part of this post :-)..and the results of my swiss beauty journey.
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