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26 May 2014

Yuli Skincare Panacea Elixir: my thoughts

Toners form a "can't-do-without" part of my skincare routine. Although I am 100% in love with rose flower water (see here why and here too), I am more than happy to give other beauty mists a go.

Yuli skincare is a US skincare company which developped highly effective in-house beauty products by combining the hightest grade and natural ingredients while leaving out alcohol, synthetic derived nutrients but also citrus/bergamot essential oils (which may lead to hypermengation under light).
Although I was eager to try all their products, I picked the Panacea Elixir, which is a lovely crafted toner, as my first :-).

Product name: Panacea Elixir
Certified: No
For: all types of skin
Texture: mist
Price: $36.00 for 100ml

My opinion

Panacea Elixir embraces a really wonderful mix of skin soothing, balancing, decongestionning natural flower waters in addition to plant extracts, fruits enzymes, hydrating aloe vera, and a trace of colloidal silver. The carefully designed elixir comes in a black stylish bottle that sprays uniformly. I love the minimalist "Chanel" look of it.
Apart from the design, I had high expectations of this toner (and actually of the brand in general). Their website is really clear, detailed, professional and clearly states the benefits of each of their selected ingredients. I also read a few good reviews about this toner.

Composition-wise, I think Yuli skincare does really well! This beauty concoction is a pure skin bliss. While witch hazel water gently purifies and tones skin, rose and helychrisum hydrosols calm and soothe the skin and take irritation and redness away. Extra-moisturing and cooling effects are added through the concumber extract. The watercress extract, also present in this blend, is known to improve complexion by reducing any puffiness. Additionnaly, colloidal silver, which is a suspension of tiny particules of silver, has anti-bacterial properties.

I really like using this Panacea Elixir in both the morning and the evening. I haven't seen any immediate spectacular results (which is too ambitious for a toner anyway), but what I really enjoy is the instant moisturising, balancing and anti-inflammatory effect it has on my skin. It calms and soothes my skin in a very pleasant way. A great start of the night and a great start of the day too...

...However, there is a big drawback: the scent. Although the product consists of pure hydrolats, the scent mix is not appealing to me. The toner doesn't contain any aromatic essential oils, so the aroma you get is strictly the one from the combination of all ingredients. This is an admirable principle, but with these ingredients it just does not work for me. I did not find it fresh or pleasant at all. It is my personal opinion, and I know that it may appeal to others, but for me it is reason enough not to advocate it too loudly. A pity for such a quality product.

... Loving the effect of Panacea elixir, but the scent does put me off!

++ excellent ingredient blend
-- the scent

My overal rating: 7/10

Composition: D-Aloe barnadenis, R. damascena (rose) hydrolat, H. italicum (helichrysum) hydrolat, L. angustifolia (lavender) hydrolat, H. virginiana (witch hazel) hydrolat, H. italicum/L.angustifolia (helichrysum/lavender) hydrolat, frequency enhanced water, vegetable glycerine, C. sativus (cucumber) extract, N. officinale (watercress) extract, biodynamic fruit enzymes, trace minerals complex, colloidal silver.
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