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15 June 2014

All the way from Australia: Flight Skincare

I can't remember how I discovered Flight Skincare. Was it through other beauty bloggers (I think!) or perhaps via google (could be!)? Anyway, I am glad to have found this little Australian beauty treasure and I thought I should spread the word and introduce it to you!

"Flight embraces everything we believe in and is the connection to living a healthier more balanced lifestyle. K. Jakovitch.

Kym Jakovich, the founder of Flight Skincare, generoulsy sent me a few samples a little while ago (merci!). Although I rarely do reviews on small samples, I thought I should share my first impressions about this special line with you.

Sheer Luxury milk cleanser 
This light and delicate milky cleanser features some of the best ingredients (goat's milk, honey and Camellia oil) and really feels incredibly soothing and calming on the skin. Best suited as a 2nd cleanser (and morning cleanser) in my opinion, the white emulsion is great at removing impurities and light make-up. With a fruity citrussy scent that is absolutely lovely, this cleanser is especially a great option if you have a sensitive skin. It contains an exotic botanical extract, that I actually did not know: Quandong seed extract. It is renowned for its high level in Vit C and is perfect to brighten up complexion.

Silk Protein hydrating day cream
As the name indicates, this very light cream feels like a layer of delicate organic cotton on the skin: super soft and extremely protective at the same time. My skin has been drinking this little emulsion with pleasure...and not to forget, the scent is absolutely divine. So subtle. Just how I like a day cream to be. One of my favorite Flight Skincare products- well amongst those 4 samples I have tested. Papaya, Siberian ginseng, Rapsberry seed oils are all part of the silky concoction alongside silk proteins from which the name of the moisturiser derives.

Acai Firming plant mask
This is a handcrafted blend of organic Acai berry, cacao and coconut along with french clay, bentonite clay and chorella. The green pure superfood packed powders transform in a rich and effective paste when you add a bit of water. It promises to restore skin's radiance while serioulsy kicking its firming functions. I really love this mask: cleansing, unifying, restructuring. The scent appears quite earthy but the hints of ginger and cacao really sort of soften the brut aroma.

Pure Nourishing night cream
A very good night cream can boost repairing skin's function overnight - super plumped and relaxed skin in the morning assured. That is exactly what this cream does to tired, dry looking skins. The ingredients include a blend of the most nutritive ingredients (pure botanical oils, honey...) and some quite seriously effective actives (rooisbos, squalene..). I think this night cream is particulary great for really dry and dehydrated skins, because it is fairly rich.

As an overall, this line looks really lovely. The design is chic and I would be more than happy to explore more of it.
I hope so much that Flight Skincare will soon find some retailers in Europe. The product prices range from around 20 euros for the cleanser to 36 euros for the others products. I have really my eye on the Soft white gentle polish now...
Don't hesitate to contact Kym via her website if you have questions or want to have more infos.

Have you tried some Flight Skincare products? what do you think?
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