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27 July 2014

The best healing minerals and vitamins for blemish-prone skins

I am a firm believer that skin beauty comes from the inside out by having a balanced food diet... And therefore I like to maintain a healthy lifestyle, although I do enjoy (and sometimes can't resist) my bits of sugar guilts - peches mignons.

Following my apparently popular post about healing plants for blemish-prone skins (see here), I thought I should focus on some well-known nutrients that promote healing and help to keep breakouts at bay.

Zinc (Zi) - This trace element is particulary vital for skin maintenance. Anti-oxidant, zinc plays a great role in numerous enzymatic reactions in the body particularly in the immune systems. Zinc-rich food include red meat, whole grains, lentils, shellfish.

Beauty creams/lotions that contain zinc are also very helpful in improving skin healing and reducing inflammation.

Selenium (Se) - Also a trace element, selenium is involved in numerous body functions such as supporting the defence system and assisting thyroid activities. Due to its really important anti-oxidant properties, selenium acts as a beauty mineral by slowing down ageing processes and protecting skin.
Brazil nuts, oily fishes, garlic, wheat are the top foods to choose if you want to gently boost your daily intake.

Vitamin B (Vit B) - Among the eight vitamins B, a few seem to be really critical for the skin. First, the Vit B3 (also called Niacine) is mainly found in brewer's yeast, oily fishes, meat and sunflower seeds. Its deficiency is often linked to skin disorders. Vit B12 (Colabamine) and Vit B6 also play a role in skin functions. Cauliflower, garlic, tuna, sardines, yogurt are the food to go for!

If you suffer from an unbalanced skin, it is best to privilege a healthy and balanced diet (try to limit excessive consumption of fat/sugar or processed food). Oh yes, I know you know (hehe)...but it is always nice to hear a little REminder from now and then... Because I believe that in the short and long-term, good eating habits can have greater impact on the health and feel of your skin than any serum or cream.

What do you think? Leave me some comments!

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