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10 August 2014

Dr Organic Tea Tree Blemish stick

Right. Tackling something that we all dislike: breakouts and blemishes.We all have gone through a time (that can last from a couple of days to much more) where our skin
doesn't seem to be happy. Breakouts are often the results of bad diet/hormonal unbalances/stress/wrong beauty routine and is really a individual problem. One solution for one person.
I recently purchased a couple of products from Dr Organic and one of them is the organic Blemish Tea tree stick.

Product name: Tea tree Blemish stick
Certified: No
For: Blemishes
Texture: gel
Price: 7£ for 30ml

My opinion

This handy roll-on stick aims to zip out any undesirable spots, the (my!) worst skin ennemies that always seem to pop up at the wrong occasions (but luckily not that often). This super light gel contains the quite famous tea tree oil, which has gained a lot of popularity these last few years.
Reasons? Tea tree oil is renowned for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It was originally used by arborigines in Australia one thousand years ago to treat skin infections and nowdays lots of beauty companies feature this wonderful essential oil.
Combined with extra-soothing aloe vera gel, the Dr Organic Blemish gel (quite liquid) is transparent, greasy- and sticky-free. I use it most often in the evening after my face cleansing routine. I just apply the roller on the appropriate area. It feels really fresh, treating and not that drying (considering the amount of alcohol present in the composition written below). I have not seen any noticeable dry patches after use...nor has the skin been left sort of "flaky".
Talking about the (overnight!) results now: I am really enthousiast! Not only are the small breakouts calmed, but redness is disminished, and skin is almost cleared. The time frame of action is amazingly quick - which is the most impressing about this product.

This stick is a real performer and there is no way I would stop using it. It works marvelously, has a great price, and leaves my skin as I want. What more could I ask for?

++ great performance
 - presence of alcohol

My overal rating: 9/10

Composition: alcohol denat, Aloe barbadensis leaf extract, aqua, Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) oil, hydroxypropyl guar, limonene

Have you tried this product? What do you use as a blemish zapper?
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