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24 August 2014

Skin Likes natural deodorant

Scent, smell, fragance: broad topic! If you are a avid reader of my blog, you know that I am quite sensitive to a product's scent (perhaps who is not?).
I have not reviewed many deodorants so far, the main reason being that I have not been convinced by any and/or I also need to test some more.
However, one stood out (from the ones I used) and thought it would deserve a bit of attention in a specific post. Jim Steele, the founder of Skin Likes generously sent me its creation, a 100% natural deodorant to sample and after many months of use, here is what I think.

Product name: Skin Likes natural deodorant
Certified: no
Texture: gel (liquid)
For: ladies
Price: £10.00 for 70ml

My opinion

I am going to be honest. First impression: the packaging is so so-not enough attractive or glamorous, it looks almost a bit cheap.
Straight to the content now. I love it! The base of this deodorant is scottish spring water (which sounds really soothing) along with a mix of essential oils whose names have not been displayed. I contacted Jim to learn a bit more about the essential oil mixture, but he did not want to reveal the secret formula. My skin (in that area) can be sensitive to some essential oils, but luckily my delicate armpits tolerates the ones Skin Likes uses. I do not get any sort of reactions/irritations.
The roller glides very well to leave a thin and aromatic watery layer that really smells wonderful. I love the scent. Fresh, light yet strong.
Another benefit of this deodorant is that it does not leave white marks. Who has not been bothered by those indesirable white marks on clothes or under the armpits just after application of classical deos? So that's a great plus!
The retail price seems a bit high, but let me tell you that this deodorant, contrary to some sprays, lasts a very long time.
So, all in all, I love it a lot. The only thing, perhaps for some, is that I felt I had to re-apply in the afternoon to ensure a confortable protection until the evening. I does not bother me too much, but I see that it can be a bit unpractical.
So if you are looking for a very nice green alternative to classical deodorants, I would highly recommend this one. I have been pleasantly surprised by my experience (not hiding that I was a bit dubitative at the beginning). So here we go.
Last message for all my male readers out there: do not be jealous because you have one version specifically created for you!  Have a look on their website for more info.

++ lovely scent, no white marks
- emballage, does not last the full day

My overal rating: 8/10

Composition: Scottish spring water, bicarbonate of soda, xanthan gum and a special blend of bacteria-busting therapeutic essential oils.

Have you tried it? which deodorant(s) are you using?
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