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20 December 2014

Luxurious purifying beauty products: what I would like to try.

I have rarely written about beauty products on this blog before trying them! But here is my natural beauty wishlist of products that sounds super appealing to me. And with Christmas approaching this could be the time to try...or perhaps Dear Santa is also reading this post and willing to bring me some of the items mentionned below!

My current top 5 of products I am eager to test are the ones below.

     1. The Clean Dirt by May Lindstrom. This versatile organic cleanser powder from the very raved luxe beauty brand sounds so performant. It is really pricey, but I guess I am willing to compromise on other products to get this one. $60.00 for 200 ml.

     2. The Botanic earth mud Mask by Live Native. I spotted this mud mask while ago. Made with extra-absorbing rhassoul combined with anti-oxidant acai/cacaco powders, this ultra-fine blend is designed to gently purify and detox the skin. Sounds really nice and ideal to use as an ultimate "treat my skin" time at home! £60.00 for 100ml.

     3. Tabula Rasa Pads from Arcona. This californian organic beauty brand features some fabulous products but the one that stands out for me are these cleansing pads aiming at immediately clear the skin thanks to Lactic Acid and Black Tea extract. Interesting isn't? $28.00 for 45 pads.

     4. Baume de la Terre from Alors ca pousse. This new french green beauty brand has everything that is appealing: handcrafted, organic and using lovely 100% pure botanical oils! I am so intrigued by the Baume de la Terre (or Earth Balm in english) which sounds like a marvellous potion featuring some powerful plant oils (such as Hemp oil), flower extracts and clay to name a few. €52.00 for 30ml.

    5. Lapis facial Oil from Herbivore Botanicals. Look at this incredibly good looking beauty flacon containing, by the sound of it, a super exquisite and magical light blue facial oil. It has been especially formulated to treat redness and help to reduce skin inflammation thanks to German Blue Chamomille, blue Yarrow and Blue Tansy essential oils. $90.00 for 50ml.

Have you tried any of these? Which beauty goodies are you dying to try next year?
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