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09 February 2015

A extraordinary soap: hydrating facial soap "Pure silk and Rice bran"

I recently fell in love with Chidoriya after using their brilliant Peach moon herbal face water (review here). From beautiful product design to pure formula using japanese traditional ingredients, this brand, now based in New York, seems to have been tailored to me!
Eager to pursue my fantastic journey with Chidoriya, I had my eye on their pure Silk and Rice bran soap and bought it in a very local (lovely) apothecary boutique in Chicago and this is what I think.

Product name: Pure silk & Rice bran soap
Certified: no
Texture: solid bar
For: dry and mature skins
Price: $13.99

My opinion

Winter season is here and altough temperatures have plummeted, my skin is still behaving ok (yes, great!). The Pure silk and Rice bran soap has everything appealing to me - it is designed to be very mild and aims at gently clean dry and ageing skins. It contains a nice blend of soothing saponified plant oils, moisturising glycerin alongside three very unique ingredients:
 -Komenuka rice bran powder: the japanese beauty secret compound that helps to invigorate and gently exfoliate the skin in order to reveal a flawless complexion.
- Tennyokoh oil: a carfeully selected aromatic blend of essential oils comprising Lavender, Geranium, Maychang, Cedarwood to help treating skin disorders and unbalances.
- Pure silk powder to soften and heal the skin.

I am in love with this soap! I am totally addicted! Not only it lathers well and lasts really long but it has a great price too. It gives the results I expect from a face cleanser: cleaning my skin and nurturing it at the same time. The scent is really really gentle almost unnoticeable, so sensitive noises, don't won't feel overwhelmed! Voila. I have used it morning and evening until the last little piece and it is truly one of the best face cleanser I have ever tried.

 ...and skin cleansing has never been so smooth! 

++ excellent cleansing and softening properties
- nothing

My overal rating: 9/10

You can get it here.

Composition: saponified oil of palm and coconut, vegetable glycerin, water, sugar, Lavander oil, geranium oil, Rosemary oil, rice bran powder, palmarosa oil, silk powder, benzoin oil, Cedarwoord oil, nigari, Soy bean extract.

What do you think? surely tempted?

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