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23 March 2015

3 face cleansers: the foaming, the creamy, the balmy.

My hunt for discovering amazing face cleansers is still on, and despite my huge love for the Aurelia Miracle cleanser and for the Joo Mo face wash, I want to expand my portfolio to a wider range. I recently tried and tested (and finished) three cleansers that had 3 different textures. That was this interesting part! One was foaming, the other one was creamy and the last one was oily.
And my favorite is...

BcomBio Fresh cleansing foam (€13.00 for 100ml)
Foaming cleansers are just super easy to use and really pratical when you are on the rush or when you are traveling. Featuring moisturising glycerin and Lavander flower water, this Ecocert-certified white and smooth foaming cleanser from the popular french brand BcomBio perfectly removed make-up, daily grime, impurities and rinsed really well. However, my skin was left tight, uncomfortable and lacking moisture on multiple occasions. The cleanser is aimed at all skin types but I would definitely not recommend it if your skin is prone to dry patches and dehydration. A tad disappointed about this one!

Neal's Yard Chamomille cleanser (£16.00 for 100g)
This cleanser is designed for sensitive/normal skins and that is generally the skin type I go for during winter or really cold/windy days. It is not a secret that Neal's Yard Remedies is a brand that I often comes back to. I love their products and this cleanser is just another little gem. It was super gentle, rich and creamy, so I often used it as a 2nd cleanser in the evening and removed it with a muslin cloth. It made my skin really soft and moisturised thanks to the Shea butter, glycerin and Chamomille water. Notice the presence of Coconut oil for those who would like to stay clear from it. I would not say that the Chamomille cleanser is the best make-up remover ever but it is definitely one to choose as 2nd cleanser and one just to cocoon the skin very well once you have removed your make-up.

Lyonsleaf natural beauty balm* (£12.95 for 55ml)
Well, I may not be a 100% oil cleansing method fan but let me tell you: this little pot was a true wonder! This waterless and soft balm from the british brand Lyonsleaf contains an expert blend of some truly wonderful and nourishing cold-pressed plant oils such as Babassu ot Macadamia. Delicately scented with some herbaceous and floral essential oils, it also contains a signature ingredient from Lyonsleaf: homegrown Calendula extract.
It removed make-up beautifully when I used it as a first or as a unique cleanser in the evening and let me tell you: my skin was left really smooth, plump, and nourished. I am actually really surprised about how much I like/liked it!

Disappointed by the BcomBio foaming cleanser, happy about the Neal's Yard Chamomille cleanser and adoring the Lyonsleaf natural beauty balm, yes... Number 3 is the winner!

What do you think? Have you tried them? which type of cleansers do you prefer?

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