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30 March 2015

Spring in a bottle: White Rose water from Alteya organics

Spring has finally arrived and although temperatures still remain fresh here, the lovely view of newly grown Crocus or Narcissus flowers give hope for the coming weeks.
Talking about flowers, you probably know that the Rose scent has a special place in my beauty routine (check here). Keen to explore some more Rose fraganced goodies, I got my eyes on the White Rose flower distillate from the bulgarian family company Alteya organics (for those who don't know, the Rose valley in Bulgaria is known worldwide for cultivating roses and they have been doing so since since centuries!).

Product name: organic bulgarian White Rose water
Certified: yes (USDA)
For: normal skins
Texture: watery
Price: $11.00 for 100ml

My opinion

This 100% steam-distilled certified organic White Rose water comes in a very simple (100% recycled) plastic spray container. It may not be super fancy, but it is a very handy packaging.
The Rose scent is one of the scents that has an immediate calming and soothing effect and works as well for the mind and for the body. Slowly inhaling the subtle aroma after uniformly spraying onto the face is like getting instantly a "zen" moment. Rosa Alba has been used to produce this flower water. This specie of Rose are known to have a more delicate and subtle fragrance than their pink Rosa Damascena sister.
How do I use it? Quite simple! Most often I spray it directly onto a cleansed face, either in the morning or evening. It helps to prep the skin. Occasionnaly, I also like to spray it unto a cotton whool and simply sweep it over my face. My skin feels tightened, almost lifted and appears more receptive to my day moisturiser or night oil/serums I use after.
The Alteya White Rose water could be really beneficial for those who have a very sensitive skin or suffer from occasional redness and aim at minimising their beauty routine by using not so elaborated high-end skincare beauty products.
Pricewise, this hydrosol retails at less than $12.00 so quite a good deal.

Simple, pure, and gentle: this is my go-to soothing water!

What do you think? Have you tried any flower waters from Alteya organics?

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