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06 April 2015

My top beauty advices for a glowing skin

Having a glowing skin is one of the top beauty wishes women have. I don't believe in "miracle" foods or spectacular "anti-ageing brigthening" creams, but a combination of healthy habits and a great beauty routine can make a true difference to your skin complexion.

Here are my little tips to improve naturally your skin radiance:

- Bring on the healthy diet. Privilege all fruits and veggies that are very colorful and extra-rich in anti-oxidants, such as peppers, tomatoes and broccolis.

- Snack on Pumpkin seeds. Their amount in zinc and Vitamin E boosts skin healing and skin regeneration.

- Sip on Green tea. Well-known for it anti-oxidants properties, Green tea is top to revive sallow skin (and to do lots of other detoxifying goodness to your body too!).

- Exfoliate once a week. Increase the natural skin regeneration processes by gently smooth away dead cells with a gentle facial polisher. Be aware to not over-scrub.

- Apply a touch of pink luminizer along the cheek bones... it suddenly gives a natural glow to the face (Brands like Honeypie minerals, Zao Make-up, Benecos, Lily Lolo offer a lovely selection).

- Smile. Not only does it improve skin elasticity, but it also creates a positive feedback look that goes to the left part of the brain and sustains the feeling of "happiness".

What do you think? Any beauty tricks you want to share?

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