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13 April 2015

Natural beauty look with Gabriel Cosmetics make-up range

Make-up is definitely the area where I struggle the most when it comes to finding a "green" yet suitable texture and desired finish for my skin type. Although there have been lots of progress in regards to product formulation, I do find that organic make-up tend to be richer and sort of thicker than the classical non-green ones, and this is probably due to the inclusion of natural plant oils/butter (which ultimately is nice!).
So I am still experimenting at the moment... I am really hoping to find great treasures over the next few months. Excuse my "dubitative" approach, I just want to look at my best and really dislike a midday cakey/oily face.

Gabriel Cosmetics is a US natural skincare brand that I have discovered a few months ago (I loved their face moisturiser -review here). Besides organic skincare, they offer a pretty big range of make-up, from powders and fundations to eye shadows. Product formulas are 100% vegan and often have a combination of mica/silica/kaolin base enriched with active extracts such as Sea fennel or Rosemary.
Today, I am reviewing a couple of their top sellers: the Gabriel Classic Palette Platinum collection* and their Multipot *.

The Classic Palette ($45.00, available here) has been designed to create a very minimal/no make-up look.
        The Translucent powder (a limited edition) on the left inside is an absolute pleasure to use. Pressed, very fine and smooth, the powder is great to matify but does not cover that much blemishes or other skin marks. The shade is very light and it offers a very natural and unifying finish.
       The baked Apricot blush (also a limited edition) helps to give a very nice sunkissed glow to the cheeks with a tad of shimmer, which makes it perfect for the upcoming Spring/Summer season. I love it! I usually apply it with my BWC mineral powder brush bought here rather than the small brush included in the palette.
        The Eye shadows include the neutral color Bone, the beige Taupe, the light brown-orange Caramel, and the rich medium brown Chocolate Brown. All the shades are matte, very easy to wear. The four shadows are easily blendable and remain stable after a few hours without fading. I admit that I prefer pressed powder in comparison to loose ones: less messy and so much quicker for someone like me who don't always have time to play around with colour and texture every morning. I tend to use the lighter shades when I just want to create a natural daytime look, but if I want to get a more profound and defined look, I dab a bit of Chocolate eye shadow underneath the lower lash line and on the external corner of the eye to give that nice smokey eyed look.

The Multipot ($18.50, available here) is a multipurpose mineral-based creamy blusher/bronzer perfect for women who love make-up, but don't have much time. I got the Florentina shade which actually does not look that different compared to the baked Apricot blush included in the Classic Palette, except that it is creamy and not glittery and a bit darker. It almost acts like a skincare product, since it contains soothing Shea butter, Jojoba and Olive oils. The finish look is slightly dewy and really gives that amazing natural summer glow despite my fair skin tone. And it is incredibly easy to apply: just use your fingertips and blend it softly alongside the cheekbones. It can also be built up softly. The only drawback for me would be that I have to reapply it once throughout the day as the color intensity is somehow fading.

Overall and despite my inital concerns,  I am really really pleased with the Gabriel Cosmetics Classic Palette and the Multi-pot performances: easy to use even if you are novice, great formulations, and nice results! 
Have you tried this brand? what do you think?

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