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02 June 2015

Achieving of a matte skin with Cattier Purifying Gel Cream

My trip to France in summer (and winter) often involves multiple beauty visits to pharmacies or other beauty places (check my post Beauty shopping in France here) and strolling around the multiple racks of beauty products until I find what I came for.
Last time I went to France I had my eye on the Cattier Purifying Gel Cream and decided to buy it. If you don't know Cattier, well, you may be missing out! This natural french brand has gained more and more popularity over the last few years due to an affordable price point and some very interesting products (such as Clay masks). For warm/bright Spring/Summer days, I need a really light moisturiser and ideally I want one that does not just melt on the skin after a few hours of the July/August sun. So how is Cattier Purifying Gel Cream performing?

Product name: Cattier Purifying Gel Cream
Certified: yes (Ecocert)
Texture: gel
For: Troubled skins
Price: €9.00 for 50ml

My opinion

My skin tends to be a bit more oily in the Spring/Summer, so I thought the Purifying gel cream could really help. 
What can I say about it? It is a white gel that aims at targeting specific skin concerns such as sebum overproduction and/or breakouts. It is water-based so the serum is very light - almost not perceptible. It immediately absorbs and leaves a matte and refreshed skin. You could apply another face moisturiser afterwards, but I often choose to not do so as this would feel too heavy for the season (although I occasionnaly wear the MyChelle SunSchied unscented (see review here) afterwards). My skin appears to be almost tightened right away, feeling very tonic at the same time. Good results so far! Formulation-wise, I would say that it combines simplicity and efficacy. The astringent and antibacterial effects of the Mint extract is counter-balanced by the moisturising properties of the glycerin. The serum also contains one of my favorites flower water: the Orange flower water known for its amazing scent and its calming effects on the skin. The mineral silica, also present in the serum, is excellent in managing oily skin as it absorbs excessive sebum. 
As an overall, I do find this serum is working very well and does exactly what it says: purifying and even out the skin. For less than 10 euros, this is a pretty good beauty buy! It is perfectly suitable for combination skins too as you can apply the serum only on specific areas. For sensitive skins, I would recommend patch testing before use.

... my best matifying beauty friend!

My overall rating: 8/10

Composition: aqua (water), Mint (Mentha piperita) extract*, Citrus Aurantium Amara flower water*, glycerin, silica, xantham gum, Aloe Barbadensis leaf extract, sodium benzoate, benzyl alcohol, polyglyceryl-10 laurate, lactic acid, linalool.

Get it here.

Do you know Cattier? What is your staple moisturiser for a oil-free finish?

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