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12 January 2015

My top 5 beauty resolutions for 2015

The beginning of a new year is always a a great moment for resolutions and... hopefully to keep it up all year along. So today is a great day to share my top 5 beauty things that I intend to do a bit more in 2015. Yes, I sometimes (or... often) lack time so I will use this post as a reminder for myself too!

1- Taking more care of my hair. While I love to experiment with good shampoos and hair products, I have to confess that I often run out of time when it comes to hair masks, haircuts...etc. My hair is quite easy to manage and luckily they seem to be in a good shape. Having said that, I'm sure they will be happy to benefit from some more special pampering every now and then.

2- Applying a good moisturising organic face mask. I rarely run out of any type of products/samples but the one that seems lacking quite frequently is a great and effective moisture boost when my skin is really dehydrated and just need to have plenty of replenishement. I do some DIY beauty recipes instead but I would rather have a quicker way to deal and treat my skin. Hence a good moisturising organic face mask is top on my list to buy. I may do a review if I found one!

3- Doing more face massage. Having a great collection of beauty products helps to get a better skin, but I do believe that it also comes down to respecting a good beauty ritual. I have been a bit lazy when it comes to face massage, although I really want to tackle it at least twice a week (let's keep it realistic). Skin massage helps to boost blood circulation and is awesome at improving product penetration and giving this nice red tint on the cheeks!

4- Going at least once to a spa/sauna. If none of you have experienced the Dutch sauna, then I really dare you to try it when you next visit the Netherlands. It is absolutely worth it!!! It is really part of the culture here. The saunas/pool are amazingly well done, huge, clean, luxurious for just 30€ a day (contact me if you need an address). Voila. That is the reason why I need to go more!

5- Exploring green and exotic dishes. Beauty comes from within and trying to get the most of the veggie/fruity world, I am really keen to diversy my menu by adding a touch of spices and exostism as often as I can. I am on the hunt for amazing and tasty recipes from all over the world. So if you have any favorites, please share your secret recipes with me!

Have you got some beauty resolutions? which ones?
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