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22 January 2015

Face toners: why, how and which!

It is not only the quality and effectiveness of a beauty product that counts. Following a good skincare routine is at least equally important to get the best out of your favorite beauty products and to maximise your chance of having a glowing and flawless complexion! And today I will focus on one of my favorite step in my skincare routine: toning.

Why to use a toner?
Here are some key benefits of a high quality toner:
  • It completes the cleansing.
  • It refreshes, calms, and softens the skin.
  • It helps to rebalance the skin's pH.
  • It boosts the radiance of the skin.
  • It prepares the skin and maximises the results of the following treatments (oil, serum or moisturiser).
How to use it?
My routine is to cleanse my face first using a very gentle cleanser (love this one and this one). Then I delicately spray the toner onto the the face and neck (you can also use a damp (organic) cotton ball with the toner and smooth over the face in circular motion). I then gently pat dry my face with a clean fine towel. My skin feels revived and unified.
I prefer to apply the toner in the morning and before going to bed, but once a day could be sufficient as well, depending on your skin needs and preferences.

Which to use?
First rule: choose your toner accordingly to your skin type or what you want to offer to your skin.
Second rule: choose a toner that does not contain a high proportion of alcohol (which can be quite drying and irritant).

Here are some toner suggestions, depending on your personal objectives:

MoisturisingThermal waters (Evian, Jonzac), Caudalie grapefruit water, Juice Beauty hydrating mistbodhi&birch rosa rosa hydrating toner, R.L. linden & co thousand petals beautifying mist.

Purifying- Odylique Balancing citrus super tonic, Therapi Honey skincare lemon Myrtle anti-bacterial toner, NYR purifying palmarosa toner.

Balancing- The little Alchemist Wild apple and Mint antioxidant balancing mistYours Truly Organics balancing toner, NYR Witch hazel water.

Rejuvenating- Chidoriya moon herbal water, Fig+Yarrow complextion water, Yuli Skincare metamorphic elixir.

Calming- Thermal water (Avene, La Roche-Posay), Pai Lotus and Orange blosssom bioaffinity tonic, Caru lavender+chamomille organic facial toner.

If you notice that your skin is not at its best or perhaps more reactive, I would try to keep your beauty routine as simple as possible and use thermal water instead of a traditional toner. Also I believe it is best to avoid an "overuse" of any beauty product. "Too much " does not necessarly mean "better". It is important to learn to listen to your skin!

Do you include any toner in your routine? Which toner do you like the most?
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