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26 January 2015

A really nice beauty brand : The Victorian Garden organic skincare company

I love discovering new organic beauty brands and when the Victoria Garden organic skincare company from South Africa proposed me to sample some of their products, I could not refuse. I was lucky enough to be able to choose which products I wanted to test. Apart from following Cassidy from the The Glam green girl,  I do not know much about South African beauty market.
Inspired from the british old century and all the beautiful scents, the Victorian Garden organic skincare company features an amazing choice of skincare, bodycare and haircare products all free from silicons, talc, SLS, parabens.
I choose to receive the clay cleanser, a facial polish and an eye cream. And this is what I think...

The 7 herb purifying clay cleanser ($10.00 for 100ml)
This delicious green kaolin-based cleanser combines 7 anti-inflammatory plants extracts (Melissa, Plantain, Spearmint, Eldeweiss, Yarrow to name a few) with some Shea butter, botanical oils such as Marula and a plethora of skin-healing botanicals extracts. A couple of additional ingredients caught my attention. The first one is Mafura seed butter, a rich butter mainly found is Southern Africa and widely used for its revitalizing and healing properties. I was also intrigued by the Coltsfoot extract, apparently known to be antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory.
The texture of this cleanser is sort of foamy, really light yet creamy. The kaolin is ideal for purifying the skin and drawing out any imprurities and make-up. Because of its quite complete and effective composition, I use this cleanser in the evening twice a week. I use it as a deep-cleanse treatment rather than a basic cleanser. Not only the skin is left really clean and purified, but I also have the impression that it helps very much to unify and improve skin glow.
The only drawback for me is the rather small contenance…I just wish the tube was bigger! This cleanser is definitely a very great choice for those suffering from breakouts. If you also look for a sort a mini-facial treatment at home, this one also ticks all the boxes.

The Queen Catherine's Pomegranate and Lemon exfoliating facial polish ($12.00 for 50ml)
 This thick and rich skin polisher bursts with some nice bioactive ingredients that give you a smooth and clear skin. To list a few, you can find soothing Almond, Olive and jojoba oils alongside with some extra-thin Bamboo powder that helps to smooth off dead cells and daily grime. The nice concentration of plants and fruit extracts (blueberry, watermelon, aloe vera) helps to improve radiance and skin emerges really fresh. The fresh feeling is also due to the presence of Lemon essential oil which gives a slight zingy twist to the scrub. The really rich texture makes the facial polish perfectly suitable for any type of skins. It comforts the skin and helps to soothe and nurture. I am a big fan of face exfoliants and this one is defintely one that I have been enjoying. As an overall, this is a very well-balanced product and again, a rather good surprise!

The Queen Catherine's Elderflower and eyebright eye cream and lip cream ($9.00 for 20ml)
This rich and onctuous cream associates the perfect texture to soothe tired eyes with wonderful calming bioactives. The perfect blend comprises some great moisturising ingredients such as Shea butter and glycerin. Enriched in Vitamin E and A, this cream helps to smooth away fine lines. I find it very nourishing yet light enough to be used for the eye area even in the morning before applying make-up. I have been using this cream for a good 3 months now and I have been really impressed by it. I like the practically of the packaging as well: you only get the amount you want. Ideal to use for travelling or to keep in your handbag for a last minute soothing retouch. The smell is super delicate and soft, very floral. Well, another really pleasant surprise for this brand that doesn't spark so much by its elegant design but definitely by its great savoir-faire.

If you want to have more info, have a look at their website.
(The Victorian organic skincare company does not retail in Europe or USA yet but I hope it will soon!)

... a superb natural and really affordable natural beauty brand than need to be discovered!
Have you heard of this brand? what do you think?
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