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02 February 2015

My ways to immediately relax

Sometimes work takes over, children take over, study takes over, partner takes over, cold winter takes over ...well, life takes over! It happens so perhaps it is time to just drop everything for a one sec, one hour, a day or a weekend , and seriously recharge! Don't you agree?
Here are some of the things that I right away do to relax and get that positive spirit back.

.  I open the big windows and look outside to see what else is happening (or not happening!)

.  I look at travel pictures which is a great way to remain imaginative.

.  I write about my passion, beauty. It's a great way to switch off negative moods.

.  I do breathing exercices- breathing in, breathing out - let's get the toxins out.

.  Or I jump on my bike or go for a walk along the water side and breath in that fresh air.

.  I take a nice and long shower followed by the superb Himalayan detox scrub from bodi&birch.

.  I flip through the pages of my french pastry cookbook and start experimenting my chef skills.

.  I give lots of cuddles to my loved ones - Getting lots of cuddles from my loved ones.

.  I get cosy on the sofa, warmeing up with my 100% whool blanket and sipping some coconut water.

I treat my hands with my favorite cream.

.  And finally, I close my eyes and start dreaming and dreaming.

Thoughts? What to do you do to chill out?
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