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12 February 2015

A little Thank you note

Anytime is a good time to say Merci. So I thought I will do a Thanks post to express my gratitude to people/brands/bloggers that have been really lovely during the past few years.

Today, I would like to thank:

Robin and Lynn from R.L. linden & co - the 2 ladies are the owners and craftors of a beautiful natural beauty line. They took me by surprise in July 2014 when they sent me their beautiful summer box including the amazing Thousand Petal Beautifying mist and the refining Cacao Honey cleanser. What a revelation and what a pleasure to try everything!

Hazel from Elegantly eco- I received a beautiful suprise package in last December 2014 from natural beauty blogger Hazel. It was totally unexpected but it allowed me to try to few samples such as the Brightening cleanser from Indee lee, or an Osmia lip gloss. There was other goodies that I have yet to try! What a nice surprise coming all the way from Canada!

Gaelle from Alors Ca pousse- I have recently written my beauty wishlist for 2015 on the products I have been dreaming of trying and I mentionned the natural handcrafted french brand Alors ca Pousse and their "baume de la terre". Folllowing that, Adele kindly sent me a trial kit can't wait to tell you more about the samples I have finally tested!

Elijah from bodi&birch- I love this english brand and I also love the kindness/friendliness of the man behind it! I want to thank again Elija for sending me the beautiful Himalayan Salt scrub recently. I absolutely adore this body exfoliant and I think it will remain a big big big favorite for quite a long time.

The team from Therapi skincare- I have tested a few of their products and well, I was far from being disappointed! Therapi sent me another little package when I offered them a bit of help. I thought it was a really nice gesture. I like to help whithout expecting anything in returns, but when that happens, It always feels nice.

Mariko from Chidoriya- The Peach moon herbal toner is an absolute star! I was so excited when I received a lovely Christmas surprise from Mariko: some more little goodies to try! Yes! For now, don't miss my latest review about their beautiful Pure Silk and Rice Bran moisturising soap.

And last, but not least, I would like to thank all my lovely readers. Merci.

Thanks for reading! Who are you grateful? Share it with me!
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