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12 March 2015

Hawaiian trip with One Self Organics

I started to experiment with natural parfume not long ago and I have to admit that I have been brilliantly surprised by the overall performance in general.
To date, I still enjoy very much Ironwood no1 from R.L. linden & co (review). I also alternate with the nice solid perfume from the Soap and Paper Factory New-York (not reviewed).
Lately, a third one has joined the club: One Self Organics Hawaiian Flower Lei collection*. Created by Capi Edgley, this luxurious 100% natural perfume range has everything to blow you away- just look how beautiful the packaging is!

The stunning Perfume collection set comprises:
  • Hawaiian Flower Lei Perfume oil which is a roll oil (10ml) using certified coconut oil as the base perfume.
  • Hawaiian Flower Lei Perfume balm which is a really nice scented balm (7ml) made of organic hawaiian beeswax and certified coconut oil and featuring the signature scent.
The delicious exotic flowery scent from the Flower lei is just so beautiful and unique bringing an incredible sensation of bien-etre and elegance. It is really different from what I am used to wear. Although the aroma of both perfume samples sounds quite strong and sweet at first, it feels less overpowering once the perfume and the skin fuse all together. And on a more personnal touch, it reminds me so much of a beautiful trip I made to Oahu island a few years ago, a wonderful place to visit and that I highly recommend if you have the opportunity to go!
Spring and Summer would probably be the best seasons to wear Flower Lei perfume oil/balm for me. Having said that, I am really enjoying wearing it now!

The Perfume collection retails at $78.50, which is not cheap. However, considering that those perfumes really last quite a long time and that have some very unique ingredients, I think it is worth the money.

Curious? You can explore more about the incredible luxurious beauty and perfume range from One Self Organics here.

What do you think of exotic natural perfumes? Have you tried One Self organics?
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