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05 May 2015

Introducing the english natural beauty range Kalinka skincare

A few months ago, Alley kindly proposed me to try her range, Kalinka skincare. This handcrafted "Made in England " skincare range is a natural beauty line using botanical actives and is free from mineral oil, silicones or PEG, parabens... Although this range is designed for all types of skins, it is particularly suitable for more mature ones.
I was lucky enough to be able to test every single item of the range and today I will review four of them.

Organic Tonic Water (£8.50 for 100ml)
Face mist is a must-have for me: beautifying, moisturising and just really complementary to my cleansing routine. And the one from Kalinka is not an exception: extremely soothing and calming - I love using it. The blend of Rose and Orange flower waters brings softness and calmness to the skin whereas polysaccharides rich-Aloe vera helps the skin to heal. The scent may be a little bit dull, but I guess it is just very "as it is" pure and raw. For the price, this mist is pretty good and quite suitable for any skin type.

Eye Brilliance Replenishing Cream (£19.00 for 15ml)
This is by far my favorite product of the range. It does exactly what it says on the jar: helping to give a perfect glow around the eyes. Every evening, I use it to massage the delicate areas underneath the eyes. The texture is nicely balanced: not too rich and not too light. It has a blend of some powerful plant oils such as Borage, Chia, Kiwi seeds, which repairs the skin, and has the super-hydrating hyaluronic acid to moisturise. Although I don't believe in miracle anti-wrinkle eye creams, I do think this cream really helps in smoothing away fine lines and keep the skin very supple.

Repair Lifting Serum (£15.00 for 30ml)
This powerful blend features some of the best regenerative 100% organic botanical oils (Rosehip, Evening Primerose, Blackcurrant seed) and aims at improving skin's tonicity and overall apprearance. Also present is pure Olive squalane, a molecule very identical to the squalene in the skin, that is very moisturising. Perhaps best designed at mature skins, I believe sensitive and dry skins could also benefit from this facial elixir. I use it in the evening and I am quite happy to see my skin having become really smooth the next morning!
But there is one big drawback for me and this is the scent: I usually love the Orange blossom aroma but in that case, I just find it too strong and wish it was lighter. Besides that, the serum is a pleasure to use!

Jojoba Grains Exfoliator (£14.50 for 50ml)
The white creamy face scrub, which features some lovely botanical oils such as Thistle and Castor oils, is really rich and soft to apply. It contains some fine blue colored (ultramarine blue) Jojoba wax beads that gently remove dead cells and dirt and help to reveal a more unified skin complexion. It is very gentle and not abrasive at all - perfect if you have a sensitive skin. The scent is floral but, again, a tad too strong for me. I use this exfoliator once a week in the evening, massage it onto cleansed skin, rinse and I then follow up with the Organic Toner Water. Similarly to the Lifting serum, good performance but the scent is a bit a let-down for me.

As an overall, Kalinka skincare offers a very nice beauty line at an interesting price point. However, there are also a couple of things I would like to mention. The beauty products do not display the full INCI list on their packaging and I hope this will be fixed in a near future. Also, most of the products have a 6 months expiration date. This is somewhat short; however, for me this time frame is long enough to finish any of the products, so no problems at all.

Explore the line and get the products here.

What do you think? Have you tried this beauty range?
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