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08 July 2015

A soap for combination skin: the Chidoriya Clarifying facial soap

A few months ago, I discovered a really pretty green beauty brand called Chidoriya. I fell in love with their Hydrating facial soap (see review here) and their Herbal Moon peach toner (see review here) so much that I so wanted to try more of this brand.
Chidoriya is very much inspired by the japanese heritage and all the beauty rituals nurtured by Geisha and Maiko. The beauty skincare and bodycare line they offer use a few signature ingredients such as the Azuki red beans or Camellia oil.
Today, I am really excited to share my thoughts of the Clarifying facial soap* with you.

Product name: Clarifying facial soap "Azuki red beans & brown sugar"
Certified: No
Texture: solid bar
For: combination skins
Price: $13.00

My opinion

The Clarifying facial soap* is wrapped into an amazing japanese style packaging which definitely has the "waoh" factor for me! (Chidoriya seems to never fail amazing me). I really appreciate the care and attention to details of the emballage, because this is what attracts and triggers my curiosity first.
I have previously mentionned that I do not often use facial soap. Although I really like the foaming aspect of it, I prefer using a creamy or oily cleanser housed in tube/flacon. However, I really like the Clarifying soap and here is why.
Firstly, it is a vegetable glycerin soap - very gentle and suitable for sensitive skins. Secondly, it uses Azuki red bean extremely fine powder, used in Japan for years and best known as a "beauty secret ingredient". This powder works perfectly at smoothing away dead cells, polishing the skin and restoring face radiance and is even suitable for sensitive skins (I suspect the amount of Azuki powder is minimal since I feel no grainy foam once I massage my face with the soap). Also included in the soap's formula is organic Brown sugar that helps to soften the skin. And finally, it contains Camellia oil, a unique seed oil that initially gained fame in Asia for its conditionning and softening properties. So, some good quality ingredients that makes this soap unique, very pleasant and not too expensive.
I like to use it every couple of days in the morning or as a 2nd cleanse in the evening. It is perhaps not the best make-up remover but it has definitely a nice effect in the morning/evening: my skin feels really cleansed, smooth, resfreshed and purified in a very soft way.
...a delicate purifying gesture for normal/combination skins!

My overall rating: 8/10

Get it here.

Composition: vegetable glycerin soap base, Camellia oil, organic brown sugar, Azuki red bean powder.

Have you tried Chidoriya Clarifying soap? do you use any soap in your face routine?
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